Set up a unique kitchen with custom cabinetry, Houston-ites!

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amanakitchenPlanning the set up of your kitchen all by yourself can be a very daunting thought. There are endless decisions to be taken and you also need to be very patient. A complete kitchen makeover can take quite a bit of time. You can expect to have very busy days ahead if you are planning to set up a whole new kitchen. It is of utmost importance to plan the budget in advance along with the other things. Remember to keep your budget a little flexible. Be prepared for contingencies which may occur.

classic-simplicity-jj-4Strategic planning always helps and makes tasks much more easier. You will need to take decisions regarding the style of cabinets, different types of appliances, choice of countertops, colors of the wall and the various accessories. These are some aspects which you will have to take decisions about. Will wallpapers look good or should I go for textured walls? Should I go for ready made cabinets or custom cabinetry? Houston-ites, you will face many such questions. A proper order of all the different tasks can ensure that there is lesser confusion and better results. How to go about designing a kitchen which is both beautiful and affordable?

malibu-2Here is a rough plan to simplify your task –

  1. Spend enough time to think about what you need – It is very important to know about what you want from the beginning. From the theme to the look of the ceiling, every detail needs attention and proper selection. Look for ideas and maintain a list. Remember to always focus on your priorities and budget.

  2. Plan and research – Next step would be to chalk out the budget and the scope of work. Remember, that this might keep changing as the work progresses. Don’t make a very rigid plan.

  3. Find out more about the professionals – You might need architects and designers. You will need to hire a professional remodeler as well. Make sure that you research well.

  4. Schematic designing and sketches – After you have decided what you want and approximately how much you wish to spend, you can get on with the task of designing the rough outlines and sketches. It is very tempting to spend more time in deciding the look of the kitchen, however, it is important to pay equal attention to the layout and the space planning.

  5. Finish specification and fixtures – This might be your favorite part. Its time to decide the look of your kitchen. Convey the concepts for the backsplash, cabinets, countertops and walls to the remodeler. For better understanding, you can also provide them with reference images.


Many home remodelers often suggest their clients to go for custom cabinets. Houston based agencies can provide you with really nice options to choose from. You can find solutions for all your kitchen related needs under one roof. Head to stores in Houston. Appliances of different brands are also available here. The varieties of options might perplex you and the never ending tasks may tire you, but at the end it will be all worth it!


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