For Wood-Mode cabinets, Houston is a cool place to be in!

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classic-simplicity-jj-4Imagine a bright looking red wall with yellow cabinets, blue countertops and shining silver backsplash. Looks weird doesn’t it? Well, the secret to a beautiful kitchen is not expensive paints, and high-end appliances. You need to ensure that your cabinets, backsplashes and all the other aspects are in sync with the rest of the aspects.


Matching all the different aspects is not always very easy. You might choose a butterscotch yellow for the cabinets but you might not get the curtains in the same shade and this will make you rethink the entire decor of your kitchen. Setting up a kitchen takes a lot of time and effort. It has been rightly said, good things take time to happen, wait for it.

You must plan in advance so that you get the best results. Work also goes on in a very systematic manner when you plan in advance. The most illogical thing to ever do would be to plan the decor of your kitchen by looking at somebody else’s kitchen. Your budget, needs and preferences are not the same as theirs and therefore it is important to think individually. Yes, you can take inspiration from everywhere. However, your first priority must be your budget and needs.

malibu-2You can be sure of excellent quality at an affordable price when you choose Wood-Mode cabinets. Houston based homemakers and professional remodelers often believe that Wood-Mode and Brookhaven are the best brands available when it comes to wooden cabinets.

How to rock the look of a kitchen with black cabinets?

  1. Play with contrasts – The color black dramatically changes the look of your kitchen. Make sure you maintain the balance. Either you can go for a monochrome look by keeping the walls and countertops white in color or you can introduce a primary color to add some special charm to the kitchen. How about a bright yellow flower vase with white peonies? Looks beautiful!

  2. Go for glass doors – If you do not wish to go with completely black cabinets, you can opt for glass cabinet doors. They balance the look. Glass doors will also beautifully show off your expensive crockery!

  3. Introduce golden lights – To accentuate the beauty of black glossy cabinets, make sure you install golden lights. They can make your cabinets look all the more striking.

  4. Consider different types of finishes – You can either go for matt finish or you can choose the glossy finish. Or if you wish to give your kitchen an old world charm, then you can also go for hand rubbed furniture finish.

  5. Opt for wallpapers – To highlight the beauty of the cabinets, you can choose to put up a wallpaper. Striking beautiful patterns will create a nice backdrop to show off the beauty of the cabinets.

    Black is a timeless color and can make the interiors of a kitchen look very inviting if the decor is done in the right way. Are you ready to spruce up the interiors of your kitchen with the bold shade of black? For appliances, Houston based stores can be considered. You can find all the necessities pertaining to kitchen remodeling at stores based in Houston. Appliances in stainless steel will complement the look of your kitchen.


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