Looking for tips on Kitchen Remodeling? Houston-ites, try these!

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banner2Whoa! That’s what you want your visitors to say, when they walk into your kitchen. Well, you are not alone in this. There are many, who want that ‘exclusive’ look for their kitchen. And no, just spending tons of money won’t do you or rather, your kitchen a whole lot of good! For starters, you can start exploring the kitchen appliance stores in your area that also offer advice on kitchen remodeling. Houston has some of the best kitchen appliance stores and interior designing experts. But before you rush off to some designing honcho, you can try these tips.

amanakitchenQuality is the key operating word – Never compromise on quality. Cabinet doors that stay shut and drawers that don’t stick – these are things every home owner wants. Now make them possible by opting for top quality drawer slides, as well as hinges. Also, another thumb rule – do not go for drawers that have been made of less durable materials, such as particleboard. While choosing cabinets, go for interiors that have been made of materials like wood veneer, and not less durable ones like laminate and melamine.

malibu-2Elegance wins over one and all – You can always add a touch of elegance to your kitchen by opting for a classy countertop design. Opting for a countertop having a stained wood finish, or made of white marble, can get the look just right for you.

How tall is tall enough? – If you have ceilings in your kitchen that are eight feet high, you can actually make the most of that space by choosing cabinets that are celling-high. They offer you more storage space, You can use the extra space to install more shelves, or for adding artwork that enhances the décor. If you have ceilings that are even higher than that, leave a space of about 18 inches between the cabinet and the ceiling.

european-country-oo-5Do not go overboard with detailing – Nothing in excess is good – a rule that you need to keep in mind, even with regard to kitchen remodeling. Plastic moldings on the cabinet exterior are nice decorative touches, but they might just give your kitchen an over-the-top look.

Stick to basics – Instead of crowding your kitchen with tons of appliances and gadgets, stick to a basic few. You need to follow a minimalistic approach with regard to kitchen remodeling, or even home remodeling. Houston or elsewhere, no matter where you are based, the golden rule is to keep it simple.

banner1Be unique – Your kitchen should be an extension of your personality. You should search for appliances and accessories that add a unique touch to your kitchen. Don’t go for designs that have already been tried and tested for umpteen number of times. Try something new, something different, something that makes your guests sit up, take notice, and go ga-ga about!


Try these tips and add a distinct personality to your kitchen. You can also opt for overstock appliances, if you have a tight budget. At the end of the day, your kitchen should reflect your tastes. Do try these tips for kitchen remodeling. Houston or elsewhere, they can surely help you get started


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