Custom cabinetry, Houston – The different materials used

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amanakitchenWhen it comes to your kitchen, one of the most important aspects involved is the cabinet work you get done for it. You see, the kitchen reflects your personality to a great extent and this is effectively why you should take care to have the cabinets designed just right. If you’re not sure about it, then you can always opt for custom cabinetry. Houston based professionals are there to help you out if you’re looking for a good kitchen designer. Now before everything else, it’s essential that you understand certain basic concepts associated with cabinetry. Read on to find out more.

malibu-2The materials used for various cabinets
Yes, there are different materials used for the construction of custom cabinets, Houston. This is why it’s crucial that you acquaint yourself with a few basic features for it’ll help you go a long way. You’d then be able to plan the budget and decor with ease. Now, if you’re under the impression that cabinets are only made of wood, then this isn’t always true. More often than not, it’s combined with other materials to make the cabinets durable and cost-effective.
Medium Density Fiberboard: This particular material is essentially engineered wood. It’s made out of rather fine wood particles along with glue. These are formed into sheets and make for great backing materials for laminates and various other types of finishes. The Medium Density Fiberboard is quite dense and comes with a smooth surface. This proves suitable for laminates, paints and veneers. It’s strong and durable and resists warping to a considerable extent. If you’re on a limited budget, then this fiberboard should be an effective option for you.

tradesman-147-749x300Particleboard: Wood chips or shavings are bonded together to make a particleboard. Resin is used to compress the shavings or chips and they make rigid sheets. This proves to be a rather economical alternative when compared to solid wood. This is used in stock cabinets quite often, for its stable nature. Wood veneers and plastic laminates are used for shelving and included in the panels that make the box. Humidity hardly affects particleboard and doesn’t cause it to shrink, swell or warp. However, it needs to be sealed to keep away moisture.

banner1Plywood: This particular type of engineered wood consists of layers of veneers. These are stacked together and then glued into place. The alternate layers are oriented at right angles and this lends greater stability. Furniture grade plywood is commonly used in custom cabinetry, for it’s stronger and more stable when compared to solid wood. This is because of its cross-grain pattern that doesn’t allow any expansion or contraction owing to moisture or heat.

You see, it’ll do you a world of good to acquaint yourself with the material used. You can then plan out the kind of cabinet work that needs to be done. Moreover, different types of materials prove suitable for different kinds of cabinets. Choosing anything and everything won’t do. For instance, if you want a shelf to keep small appliances, Houston experts believe plywood would be a good idea.


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