Here are tips to use glass with custom cabinetry, Houston-ites!

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european-country-oo-5Kitchen designs and styles have undergone a lot of considerable changes over all these years. From the traditional kitchens which featured a warm fireplace to the ultra modern kitchen which is simply incomplete without the high-end appliances, you now have varieties of options to choose from!

classic-simplicity-jj-4Endless varieties of cabinets also ensure that your kitchens look all the more appealing and keep you organized without much hassle. Every homemaker has their own favorite style and choices for a kitchen. Optimum utility of space and judicious usage of materials can ensure that you have a kitchen which will be well liked by prospective buyers. If you are considering to resell your house, then sticking to basic elements of decor which are simple, elegant and fuss free will be a wise thing to do.

malibu-2You can make your cabinets more striking and spectacular by choosing to for glass along with wood. Cabinets with glass doors can make your kitchen look spacious as well. It is undoubtedly a very good option if you have a small kitchen. Talk to a professional who has considerable amount of experience with custom cabinetry. Houston based service providers can make it easier for you to purchase a cabinet set which provides great value for money!

banner2Here are some cool ways to use glass for your cabinets –

  1. Frameless glass cabinets – For your contemporary kitchen, you can have frameless kitchen cabinet doors. They are simple yet very visually appealing. Frameless glass doors are good for wall-mounted cabinets rather than base cabinets.

  1. Window cabinets – Is one of your wall a large window? You can utilize the space by having cabinets on one section of the windows. Constructing wall cabinets with a glass back panel and glass doors will ensure that the natural light coming in from the windows is not obstructed.

  2. Sliding glass – Framed with wood, sliding glass doors can be a very convenient option if you have a hanging cabinet style. They can be great for semi open kitchens as well. Show off your kitchenware by displaying them neatly on these cabinets!

  3. Decorative glass – Why choose to be monotonous when you can easily customize the look of your cabinets with decorative glasses. Stained glass can look beautiful and you can also choose to have frosted or etched glass. A textured finish for the glass can instantly transform the look of your cabinets.

  4. Painted glass – Want some sparkle and shine in your kitchen? Opt for glass cabinets which have been painted on the insides to provide with a beautiful glossy finish! They can be very visually appealing!


Check out some of the designer concepts for custom cabinets. Houston based service providers can provide you with great options to suit your kitchen decor which are affordable as well. Many retailers provide with scores of designer Wood-Mode cabinets. Houston is a great place to shop it for all your kitchen related needs. Make sure to always take proper measurements before you purchase a set of cabinet.


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