Two major myths about overstock appliances

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malibu-2So, your dishwasher is not working any more, and you have a pile of dirty dishes to clean up. Yes, it’s time to buy a new one. Well, fate hasn’t singled you out, and chosen to be extra hard on you. This is the usual story for many people. On a daily basis, kitchen appliances have to withstand fumes and humidity, and so it is not much of a surprise, when they wear out after a while. But then, it is also true that shelling a big amount every few years can be a bit hard on your pocket. 

european-country-oo-5Myth: This is old stuff used by people before!

Reality: No. These are new appliances that have not been used before. They are as new as the pricey stuff that you were planning to buy before your budget constraints made you rethink! They are actually goods that your retailer bought from the wholesaler but due to drop in demand, could not manage to sell off. This a clearance sale, where the retailer offers hefty discounts on the products, and thus clears out the old stock. This can actually help you get brand new products without overstepping your budget. So, how do you know which retailer is selling overstock products and appliances at the moment? You can check with the stores in your area that deal in home remodeling. Houston has many stores that offer this type of products at some time of the year or the other. You might be able to explore a wide variety of overstock products at these stores.

classic-simplicity-jj-4Myth: No warranty!

Reality: Who says so? It’s just that – a myth! These products come with warranties. So any defect, or malfunctioning, and you don’t have to accept it lying down. You can actually get it exchanged or avail of the repair service that you usually get free in the warranty period. So, you can enjoy the benefits of purchasing a new product, without shelling out that much of money.


Bonus: You might be in for some luck!

You might actually come across some really good model, while browsing through the collection, and that too at half the price. So, if that isn’t good luck, what is?

And while you are it, you can also buy other stuff that can help you revamp the look of your kitchen. You can look for such products in stores that deal in kitchen remodeling. Houston has many stores that sell the latest models in kitchen fittings and appliances. So explore, and get started. Very soon you will have a kitchen with a stunning décor and gleaming new appliances.

There are times when you might be having a cash crunch. In such a situation, you can browse through the collection of overstock appliances and choose a model that you think meets your needs. Yes, there is always the alternative to go for cheaper models but then that would not be a very prudent choice, since these will wear out even faster than the usual variety. And I know the reasons why some of you might hesitate buying overstock stuff. Are these the myths that you have believed in all this while?


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