Make your kitchens look spacious with custom cabinetry, Houston-ites!

kn sales logoA small kitchen can be a cute, cozy place to cook in. However, to it might be very tricky to arrange all the different elements neatly so that you get the maximum comfort while working. Think there is not much scope to make your small kitchen look beautiful? Think again. There are ways to make your small kitchen look bigger, brighter and more spacious. If you are having a difficulty in picturing the entire concept of a small kitchen, you can get in touch with a professional home remodeler for some valuable advice and creative solutions.

amanakitchenYou may also need to order for custom cabinets to meet your requirements. For custom cabinets, Houston based stores can prove to be a wise choice. At many of these stores you can expect to get solutions for all the different aspects pertaining to your kitchen. If cabinets in the required dimensions are not available then investing in a set of custom cabinets will be the option for you.

malibu-2A large kitchen space with ample of space for the aisle and maybe to fit in a cozy nook is what most of would dream of. However, the reality is that many of us have to make do with a small kitchen space. Instead of pulling a grumpy face why not work towards making your tiny kitchen look bigger and better?

banner2These basic tips will help you –

  1. Use lighting to your advantage – Lights can create a very good visual impact. Whether you have a dark kitchen decor or if you have opted for pale colors, lights can make your kitchen look spacious. Having a window with least treatments will be apt. Artificial lights cannot ever beat the impact of natural lighting.

  2. Opt for open shelving – Open shelves can make your kitchen look bigger than usual. You can talk the remodeler to help you select the right kind of open shelves. Floating shelves can make your kitchen a very modern appeal.
  3. Maintain a single color for walls and cabinets – Going for multiple colors will only make your kitchen look cluttered and confusing. Go for light colors and keep the same color for the cabinets and walls. Subtle hues of cream, white, beige, mint and mustard are some of the safer options.
  4. Choose to go for glass doors for cabinets – Changing the wooden cabinet doors to clean glass doors can instantly transform the decor of your kitchen! Make sure to keep the cabinets with glass doors neat and organized at all times. Refrain from stocking it up with cutlery which you do not use often.
  1. Recess storage – This can be a great way to utilize space and to make your kitchen look uncluttered and spacious. It works best if you have enough unutilized space in a thick wall. You can tuck away a pantry in between wall studs to increase the space in your kitchen.

classic-simplicity-jj-4Possibilities are endless when you choose to go for custom cabinetry, Houston based stores can make it possible for you to give you kitchen a very personalized look by making a unique set of cabinet. Check out the Wood-Mode cabinets. Houston based stores can provide you with affordable and creative options.


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