3 Different designs for custom cabinetry – Houston based experts tell you

kn sales logoThe heart of your home is the kitchen. Now, if you wish to enhance the functionality of your kitchen and add storage and beauty at the same time, then the right cabinets can come to your rescue. It not only helps you get things done quite easily, but also makes for an attractive kitchen for you and your family to spend time in.

amanakitchenThe 3 different types of kitchen cabinets

When it comes to Custom cabinets, Houston based experts recommend one or more of the following styles depending on your kitchen’s architecture –

The wall cabinets: Out of the 3 main cabinet styles available, the wall cabinets are quite popular. This type of cabinet typically hangs from the wall. You can have these cabinets installed with a wall soffit and even without it.

banner2There are some standard measurements based on which these cabinets are installed. For instance, if you wish to install a wall cabinet above the countertop, then it’s done 18 inches above it. It should also be 54 inches above finished floor. However, you should opt for the height that’d actually suit you best. It depends on how tall you are along with your kitchen ceiling’s height. Talk it out with your kitchen designer and decide accordingly. After all, custom cabinetry gives you a wide range of options.

malibu-2The base cabinets: These type of cabinets are specifically known to support a countertop or rest on the floor. The height of this type of cabinet is between 34.5 to 36 inches. These are again 24 to 30 inches deep. Generally, the base cabinets consist of stacked drawers that are 3 to 4 in number; or there’s a single drawer along with a door and shelves below it. Moreover, there are specialized versions available for this type of cabinets. Out of these, the corner and sink bases are most popular. As the name suggests, a corner base cabinet is typically designed to fit in a corner. These might have shelves or might perhaps include a Lazy Susan. This makes way for easy access to the contents stored in the cabinet. The other type is the sink base cabinet. This one includes an open area below the sink, which accommodates the sink plumbing and other disposers. It’s covered by a false drawer front. You can also opt for functional drawers on the sink base. You can store cleaning supplies and sponges out here.

european-country-oo-5The tall cabinets: If your kitchen has got quite a bit of narrow space such that it’s not enough for a counter or cabinet, then tall cabinets should be considered. Such cabinets should prove to be a good idea for pantries. If you wish to store brooms and mops or other dry goods and small appliances, Houston based experts recommend tall cabinets.

Custom cabinetry, Houston based experts opine, is one of the best options available. You can then choose the kind of cabinet design, material, finishing you’d like. It’s also a good idea to take professional help. Keep in mind the discussion above and then move forward with your choice.


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