Points to consider when buying overstock appliances

kn sales logoUpgrading his house or various parts of it is a dream that every house owner cherishes. A kitchen with an ‘exclusive’ décor or a bathroom with an off-beat style element can actually change the entire look of your house. Bathroom remodeling is not just about choosing laminated tiles. Upgrading your kitchen décor does not mean just choosing the right cabinets.

amanakitchenThere is no one particular formula or approach that works for everyone when it comes to home remodeling. And remodeling is not just about reworking on the look; it is also about increasing the energy efficiency. Why stick to your old kitchen and home appliances when replacing them with new, energy efficient models can help you save money in the long run?

european-country-oo-5Yes, it might not always be possible to go for high-end new appliances, owing to budget constraints. At times such as this, you can opt for overstock appliances. This way, you do not need to go overboard and yet can enjoy all the advantages of buying new appliances. But, before you actually rush off to buy overstock products and appliances, here is a quick overview of what they actually are.

malibu-2Myth busting time!

Myth: overstock stuff is old and second hand.

Truth: It’s a myth. Time it is busted.

Yes, it is actually that, a myth and nothing more! Overstock appliances are as new as they can get. The only difference is that you get them at half their original price. And no, it isn’t Christmas coming early. The reason why you get hefty discounts on them is that they are actually remnants of the stock that the retail store purchased from the wholesaler, but eventually could not manage to sell off. After a certain point of time, the retail store decides to clear the stock by offering huge discounts on them.


So, you actually get a new microwave oven or a washing machine at discounted price. How can you actually go about them? Check the stores in your vicinity that sell kitchen appliances. Some of the best appliance stores are based in Houston. Appliance options, design ideas – they offer it all.

classic-simplicity-jj-4Warranty still stands!

You buy overstock appliances, and it conks out and you lose all money – that’s what you fear? Rest assured, your worst fear will never be realized! You get to enjoy the same warranty benefits as when you buy new appliances. In case of any manufacturing defect, you get the same coverage as when you buy new appliances. So, there is nothing that you actually stand to lose.

banner2And there might be a windfall!

Yes, you might come across a very high-end model that will be very easy on your pockets. You might come across a fridge with a number of innovative features at a very low price – you just need to keep checking the appliance stores in your vicinity. Most of these stores also offer you advice on home remodeling, besides selling appliances. Houston has some of the best stores in the business.

So do you research well before you take the plunge! That way, you can benefit a lot.


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