Redesign your kitchen with cabinet refacing or custom cabinets, Houston-ites!

kn sales logoIt is undeniable that ‘your home is your castle.’ And as far as the kitchen is concerned, well, it just cannot be ignored. It needs a good revamp and when you get involved in kitchen remodeling, you will realize just how much fun it is to be a part of a good renovation.

banner2A good kitchen overhaul can add to the beauty of your décor even more. Our kitchens are assaulted by various things such as cooking grease, grimy hands and food scraps. Therefore, kitchen renovation is required from time to time. These days, people generally consider two basic options when it comes to upgrading kitchen renovation – that is, cabinet refacing and cabinet replacing. If you’ve considered kitchen cabinet refacing, well, it is a smart decision I must say! Go ahead with it. It is cost-effective and enhances the kitchen décor considerably as well.

classic-simplicity-jj-4Cabinet refacing benefits

So what’s kitchen refacing? Well, it basically involves covering of the exposed kitchen cabinet frames with a real wood veneer or plastic laminate. If you want, you can opt for complete refacing of these cabinets. Houston-based retailers can help you with endless options of cabinet refacing. In addition, hinges, new door knobs, and pulls are also included to change the entire look of the kitchen. Given below are few of the benefits of refacing kitchen cabinets:

  1. You can conveniently use your kitchen even while refacing your kitchen cabinets

  2. Cabinet refacing takes much less time ( for instance, just a week or even less)

  3. Cabinet refacing is cost-efficient as well

  4. Moreover, cabinet refacing is an environment-friendly solution because you aren’t adding to the landfill

amanakitchenSo what are the kitchen cabinet refacing options which you can consider?

To opt for effective refacing, you can select from a large gamut of plastic laminates, wood veneers, and custom cabinets. Houston is a place which has plenty of options refacing cabinets. If you visit Houston, you will find wood veneers of a wide array of colors, textures, patterns and grains. Accordingly, you can pick your preferred ones, depending on your style and the entire kitchen décor. In addition, if you are on the lookout for a specific kitchen appliance, Houston is a place you must explore. If you want, you can even mix and match sinks, chimneys, and different other refacing options for your kitchen renovation, that too, at as affordable rate. Some of the refacing options which you can take into consideration are:

classic-simplicity-jj-4Plastic laminates which come in a wide gamut of patterns and attractive colors. Moreover, they are moisture-resistant and lasts for a long time. You can match and contrast laminates for your doors and drawers fronts. If you are searching for aesthetically designed laminates for your drawer fronts or even different designs of custom cabinetry, Houston is a place you should visit.

You can opt for real wood veneers such as oak, cherry and maple for cabinet refacing. You must note that wood must be sealed with much care to protect it against moisture.

Rigid thermofoil (RTF) doors are also used for cabinet refacing. RTF doors include a durable plastic coating over fiberboard. Frankly speaking, RTF doors are a good alternative to wooden or laminate doors. In order to look for RTF doors and different other types of custom cabinets, Houston is a place you have to visit.

So you can easily opt for cabinet refacing with the aforementioned options. You can also go for custom cabinets which can enhance the beauty of your décor like never before.


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