Custom cabinetry, Houston – Make the most of glass front

kn sales logoOne of the most important aspects of doing up your kitchen is the cabinet work. You should be careful about what you might want to include and how to get it done. Moreover, you need to keep in mind various aspects like your kitchen dimensions and what might be suitable accordingly. Sit down and discuss things with a kitchen designing expert, if you’re unable to plan properly. Now, if you’re looking to make your kitchen spacious and at the same time display precious possessions, then it’d be a good idea to work glass front into custom cabinets Houston based experts opine. Read on to find out more.

5 Different types of cabinets with glass front

  1. Frameless cabinets with glass front: These look like traditional glass front cabinets to a considerable extent. These consist of a wood frame along with a glass center panel. It’s called frameless because the cabinets consist of just one glass sheet on the cabinet front. This style makes way for a sleek appearance. Its contemporary design along with decorative hinges gives your kitchen a look unlike most other styles.


  1. Sliding glass cabinets: This style includes the sliding of cabinet doors and it had been quite popular back in the 1970s. However, this style has made a comeback now and can do a lot for your kitchen. The sliding doors effectively glide on recessed tracks, both at the top and the bottom. This system essentially allows 2 glass sheets to be moved back and forth.

  1. Peninsula cabinets with glass front: If your kitchen includes a peninsula that divides the cooking space and dining area, then this cabinet style could well be worth it. The peninsula is essentially accessible from 3 sides. It requires the addition of upper glass front cabinets. This can prove rather beneficial, since the peninsula makes way for easy flow of light. As a result, it lends an open feeling to the space.

  1. Decorative glass cabinets: These cabinets come with glass fronts. It can be framed or frameless and are available in various types of patterns and finishes. For instance, the seeded glass consists of little air pockets inside it. This basically creates a textured appearance. There are other designs as well, which you can opt for.

  1. Base cabinets with glass front: Glass can look pretty good at the base of the cabinets too. This style helps add that visual punch. You can also use the cabinet top to place appliances, Houston experts say. The cabinet, hence, serves more than one purpose quite easily.
    banner3Glass front cabinets can actually become the focal point of your kitchen. This is, in fact, beneficial for you’d be able to store various functional kitchen items and not bother with getting stuff from other rooms. Custom cabinetry, Houston based professionals say, should be worked in a way that best suits your needs.

    Make use of glass to make your kitchen spacious, airy and at the same time sophisticated. You can choose from the 5 different styles discussed above and ensure that your kitchen looks nothing short of the best.


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