For custom cabinetry, Houston will not disappoint you ; Just choose the right wood

kn sales logoHouston boasts of several reputed manufacturers of custom cabinets and with their help you will be able to get beautiful custom cabinets for your kitchen. Since, with custom cabinets you will be able to personalize everything, you can pick the wood for the cabinets as well. Here are a few types of woods you can take your pick from.

  • Alder – Alder is of many varieties, it ranges from rustic alder (with open knots, pinholes, streaks etc.) to unmarked and clear alder. The color of alder varies from reddish brown to pale red. Alder wood is softer than cherry and maple and can be good choice if you are looking for stable surfaces for stains and finishes.


  • Cherry- The color of cherry wood ranges from deep brown to tan blond and the hue usually darkens with age. As the wood ages, shades from deep red to golden yellow blends into it. Custom cabinets made with cherry wood can add elegance and appeal to your decor; it is fashion forward and simultaneously takes you back in time.


  • Maple – Maple wood is one of the most popular choices for custom cabinets. Maple wood works well with different finishes and styles. The color of maple wood ranges from pale reddish brown to creamy white. It is smooth with subtle grain patterns and has a uniform appearance.

  • Oak – Oak wood is strong, has tawny patina and open grain patterns. The color ranges from dark cinnamon to salmon red. This wood might have mineral deposits, worm holes and knots. Oak is durable and is a good choice if you want a traditional, rustic look.

classic-simplicity-jj-4If you want Wood Mode cabinets, Houston is a good place to find them. These cabinets will add to the beauty of your kitchen.

If you want a brand new kitchen decor, along with the custom cabinets you can get a few new appliances. In Houston, appliances stores are many and you can get a few handy appliances from these stores. If you have been planning to build custom cabinets for your kitchen for quite sometime now for your Houston home kitchen, you will be glad to know that for custom cabinetry, Houston is definitely one of the best places.


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