Need inspiration for custom cabinetry? Houston can help!

kn sales logo‘Wow! I’m totally in awe with those beautiful cabinets which adorn your kitchen, Lizzy!’ said, Mrs. Tisdale, Lizzy’s childhood friend. A number of factors play a crucial role when it comes to the decor of a kitchen. To start with, you would like to consider the color palette, textures, lighting and choice of accessories. With a set of custom kitchen cabinets, you can completely transform the look of your kitchen. While some custom kitchen cabinet options are quite expensive, you can talk to a professional remodeler to help you with your requirements. Taking help from a professional remodeler can make the task of setting up a fabulous kitchen much more easier. They can help you with all the various aspects about custom cabinetry.

european-country-oo-5Before you begin with the planning and shopping, it will be great to get an idea about all the varieties of options. Check out many different options of custom cabinets Houston based stores is where you can get valuable inspiration to set up a beautiful kitchen complete with beautiful cabinets. Once you have checked out the cool options on display, you will be able to take a better decision. Knowing more about the basic elements will help you to arrive at a decision.

malibu-2Here are 5 details which you can consider –

  1. Decorative supports – If you have a soft corner for a decor which exudes old world charm, opt for decorative supports. They make the wall mount cabinets look beautiful. Avoid anything that is longer than 12 inches.

  2. Corbels – Take the decor of your cabinets a notch higher with beautiful corbels. For the perfect match in terms of the color, check out the wooden corbels. They however, can be more expensive. Alternatively, you can also consider precast foam models.

  3. Aprons – A good coordination between the seat height and the apron of a cabinet can work wonders to make the kitchen cabinets look striking and spectacular. It gives a good finishing. The ideal height of an apron is 3 inches.

  4. Furniture toe kicks – While, increasing the comfort factor, a toe kick also enhances the look of cabinets. Recommended amount for a toe kick is four and a half inches to where the cabinet touches the floor. A toe kick makes it easy to work closed to the cabinet.

  5. Pet station – For your four legged friends, this will be a delight! How about setting up a pet station with your existing cabinet? This will serve as the designated area for the pets to savour their meals. A built in pet station with drawers will help you to keep the kitchen space tidy.
    banner1To serve your purposes, take advice from a professional. An experienced kitchen remodeler can answer all your queries about custom cabinetry Houston based shops are equipped with many cool and useful kitchen tools and accessories, which you can check out.


To break the monotony of brown cabinets and white walls, you can consider colourful appliances Houston based stores are stocked with appliances from popular brands such as Amana, GE and Bosch, Blue Star and many more.


Custom cabinetry, Houston experts advise, helps you store bakeware

kn sales logoThere’s no greater joy than whipping up a secret recipe for your near and dear ones. After all, it’ll bring smiles on the faces of everyone and this just makes way for a great evening ahead. However, if you’re interested in whipping up these interesting stuff, then it’s important to have the right kind of bakeware at home. More often than not you’re not sure about getting bakeware, for there is the concern of storage. Well then, you needn’t worry any longer. This is because custom cabinetry, Houston based experts suggest, gives you the option to store various utensils and bakeware quite easily. Be it silicone accessories or dishes that cater to various tastes and food items, you can actually have fun and functional bakeware. Custom cabinets Houston should be worth it especially if you’re interested in storing these items.

banner2Some bakeware trends that you should make note of

There are different kinds of bakeware available and you should be aware of these, especially if you’re looking to serve new items to your friends and family. Read on to find out more.


  1. The novelty cake pans: Well yes, you might what’s new about novelty cake pans. However, there are quite a few new designs that have been put in place. It gives you the opportunity to experiment with your baking and this is especially beneficial for birthday parties, baby showers and other such occasions. Don’t always settle down for the heart-shaped cake pan. Rather opt for a hamburger shaped cake this time, or perhaps some innovative cupcake, then again there’s the idea of something like a sandwich-cookie cake. Opt for cake pans that would be suitable for different events, so that you can make the most out of this fun investment.

  1. The silicone baking mats: One of the best things you can use for baking projects as well as easy cleanup is parchment paper. However, these might prove to be rather expensive for your baking endeavors. This is why silicone baking mats should prove to be a rather good option. These offer the same benefits associated with parchment paper and at the same time it’s reusable. Moreover, you get the advantage of uniform heat distribution when using baking mats. You can also clean these mats in the dishwasher, which should prove rather convenient for you.

  1. The casserole dishes with multiple sections: Remember, when it comes to the modern kitchen, nothing beats variety. Be it storage or appliances, Houston based professionals advise you to have in place various flavors. This should accommodate the favorites of your family members as well. When you have a casserole dish that comes with multi-sections, you’ve got the opportunity to prepare 2 or 3 casseroles simultaneously.
    european-country-oo-5Custom cabinetry Houston based professionals recommend as the right choice for keeping this wide array of bakeware. Moreover, there is a great advantage associated with keeping the different dishes at hand, for you can then whip up delicacies without having to bother much. It keeps you and your family happy and gives you the opportunity to have goodies at home.

Few tips you could use when home remodeling – Houston based professionals tell you

kn sales logoHome remodeling, Houston based experts say, is an easy job provided you know what is to be done. Decorating various rooms is a crucial aspect, since it requires you to set the right tone and mood for each room. However, spending too much isn’t the only way to go. Here are a few tips you could use –

european-country-oo-5Set a mood for each room:Home remodeling, Houston based experts say, is an easy job provided you know what is to be done. Decorating various rooms is a crucial aspect, since it requires you to set the right tone and mood for each room. However, spending too much isn’t the only way to go. Here are a few tips you could use – No matter which part pf your home you’re renovating or decorating, it’s always a good idea to set a mood for each room. For instance, if you’re doing up the den or family room, then it’d be a good idea to go for loud colors and large patterns. This works well essentially because people are quite active while spending time in these rooms. Then again if you’re decorating your bedroom, it’d be best to lend a quiet feel to this room. Keep it simple, and tone down the texture bit.

malibu-2Create texture with layers: There’s no need to put in expensive stuff to add texture to the room. It’s not necessary to put in a thickly woven rug or something grand to add texture. You could try out simple stuff like creating layers with pillows on your bed or couch. You can create depth by arranging pillows of various sizes. Understand this for a fact that layers are a rather easy way through which you can bring depth to the a room.
classic-simplicity-jj-4Match the pattern and item:

Opt for the right accent piece: It’s always a good idea to match the pattern to the item. Make it a point to keep textures and patterns on wallpapers and bedspreads, or in other words, the larger items. This is because larger patterns might get lost in a small item. Say for instance, you’re decorating with large patterns, then let it speak for itself. Make use of smaller items for the purpose of complementing colors and other details. You need to look for the right accent piece when home or kitchen remodeling, Houston based experts opine. It could be a throw blanket, pillow or a vase that you actually like. Get it to the room you want to decorate and build up from there. You’ve got the option of making the accent piece the focus of the room, or perhaps add various items that’d create an overall feel for the room.

amanakitchenDo up the ceilings as well: Don’t make the mistake of ignoring your ceilings. Wallpapers can be put on ceilings too. It’s always a better idea to do up your ceilings, instead of keeping it bare. In case you plan to have a solid color up there, then using a textured paint would be a good idea.

banner2Keep in mind the above tips when doing up your home or kitchen. These are cost saving ways that actually prove useful. Then again if you wish to buy new appliances, then go through the overstock appliances range available with your local vendor. Home remodeling Houston experts opine, requires some smart effort and you’ll have the place of your dreams.

Make use of custom cabinets Houston experts say, to store glassware

kn sales logoBe it setting the table or your kitchen decor, glassware is extremely important. Quite often people think of glassware as an important display item or for the purpose of setting the table well as an afterthought.

classic-simplicity-jj-4However, it’s important for you to be aware of the fact that the right choice of glassware is capable of setting an elegant pace to your evening with guests and complement your kitchen interior to a considerable extent. Now, more often than not, people are concerned about where to keep glassware. Well, you needn’t worry about it too much for the simple reason that custom cabinets, Houston experts believe, is a great way to store glassware and even put it on display.

amanakitchenDifferent kinds of glassware that can be stored in custom cabinets

There’s a huge range of glassware that you might consider getting. Parties aren’t the same without the right glasses. Make use of custom cabinetry, Houston based experts opine, for the purpose of storing these fragile items and adding to the decor of your kitchen.

malibu-2Stemware: One of the most popular types of stemware are wine glasses. They’re specifically designed such that you can enjoy wine in it. Generally the glasses used for red wines are comparatively larger and wider than those of white ones. Another popular kind of stemware would be the champagne flute. This is essentially a stem glass with a narrow and tall bowl. Brandy snifters are another kind that have a shorter stem below a main vessel, which is narrow at the top and wider at the bottom. Margarita glasses and martini or cocktail glasses, often have a cone-shaped, wide bowl on top of a flat-based stem.

european-country-oo-5Tumblers: These include the highball glasses, which came into fashion way back in the 19th century when the concept of mixed drinks was first introduced. The other kind in this category is the Collins glass and it’s definitely taller than the highball tumbler. Old-fashioned glasses form the shortest tumblers and are capable of holding 6 ounces at least. These are quite good for serving mixed drinks.

banner1Beer glasses: Lagers and pilsners are best served in a pilsner glass. These glasses are quite small and its shape tapers to a short neck on top of a narrow base. The pint glass is another of its kind and it has been specifically designed to hold an Imperial pint. This particular glass proves rather useful for most ciders and beers. A beer stein is more of a traditional beer tankard, which originated in Germany and is capable of holding one liter of the liquid.

banner3Other glasses: There are various other categories of glassware you might consider getting especially when kitchen remodeling, Houston based experts suggest. Shot glasses, coffee mugs and typical drinking glasses fall under this category.


Keep in mind the various types of glassware discussed above and get them to store in custom cabinets Houston experts suggest. When you have the right glass items in place, hosting dinners can turn into a rather enjoyable process. After all, what is good food without some great liquor to whet your taste buds?

Purchased new Wood Mode cabinets? Houston residents, get new appliances now

kn sales logo

Have you recently bought a couple of Wood Mode cabinets for the kitchen in your Houston home? There are many Houston based furniture dealers who sell Wood Mode cabinets and you surely did not find it too difficult to find the cabinets you are looking for.

amanakitchenNow that your kitchen has some new cabinets, how about gifting it some new appliances? In Houston, appliance stores are many in number and no matter what kind of kitchen appliance you are looking for, you can be rest assured that you will get it at these stores. Some of these stores offer overstock appliances as well, check them out!

european-country-oo-5Here are a few kitchen appliances you can purchase –

  • Roaster oven – If you already have a microwave oven, it is time to get a roaster oven now. Not only will be you able to cook chicken and turkey in the roaster oven, an occasional barbacoa can also be cooked in it. In fact, a roaster oven is a handy appliance if you want to host a small outdoor party for a handful of people in the summer; you can cook in the roaster oven without heating up the house.
    banner2Bread machine – If you love having fresh breads for breakfast every morning, bread machine is one appliance that you should have. The bread machine will warm all the ingredients before mixing them. If you have problems in getting the dough to rise whenever you bake bread, this is the perfect appliance for you.
    Electric tea kettle – If you are a tea drinker, this is definitely the appliance for you. Water boils extremely fast in electric tea kettles and the tea will be ready in a jiffy.

    classic-simplicity-jj-4Electric egg cooker – Want to relish a perfect, soft boiled egg? Get an electric egg cooker. You can measure the water you put into the egg cooker and once the water runs out, the appliance will turn off automatically. Egg cookers also have measuring devices which indicate how well an egg has been done.

    Along with new cabinets, getting some new appliances is also a good idea. A few kitchen appliances have been listed here, they can make your job in the kitchen a lot easier. Be it breakfast for your kids or a five course dinner for guests, kitchen appliances (listed and others) always come in handy. Well, for purchasing Wood Mode cabinets, Houston is definitely one of the places to explore.


Opt for bamboo flooring when home remodeling – Houston experts advise

kn sales logoNow out of the various aspects that you need to look into, flooring happens to be rather important. However, this is one idea that can prove to be a rather good option and that too for every room. This is simply because of the fact that it is a rather gorgeous alternative to other expensive hardwood floors. It’s the distinct pattern and grain of bamboo floors that lends to the decor styles. In other words, it brings beauty and texture to the floors. There are a number of advantages associated with bamboo as a flooring option.

amanakitchenReasons why you should opt for bamboo flooring

If you’re not sure whether or not bamboo flooring would be a good idea, then here are a few reasons why you might want to consider the same –

european-country-oo-5Hardness and durability: You see, bamboo floors can be compared to hardwood floors, both in terms of hardness and durability. You should know that matured bamboo is actually harder than red oak and maple. This should set the standard of hardness on a rather high scale. If you take care of the flooring on a regular basis, then rest assured of the fact that bamboo flooring will last for a long time to come. You see, bamboo is quite resilient. After all, it’s a kind of tropical grass and not wood. So what happens is, there’s no denting and the material is moisture resilient.

malibu-2Easy to install: You get to save quite a bit as far as the installation cost is concerned. Spend the money saved from installation on overstock appliances and kitchen remodeling, Houston based professionals advise. Bamboo flooring doesn’t require any finishing work or specialized installation.

banner2Environment friendly: Bamboo flooring is environment-friendly. This is because the floors are known to have rather low formaldehyde emissions or any other chemicals used to make the flooring. As a result, your home would feel more natural and safe. It makes for an eco-friendly option especially because bamboo is a renewable crop and easy to grow.

classic-simplicity-jj-4Versatile option: You actually get to take advantage of various types of looks as far as flooring is concerned. For instance, if you’re looking for the warm look that can be obtained from hickory or cherry wood and at the same time want to benefit from the features available with bamboo, then this should prove easy. Bamboo can be carbonized and this makes it change color without the application of chemicals or the need for any staining. You can get bamboo flooring in light and natural colors as well.

banner1So you see, bamboo flooring makes for a great option from various perspectives. Moreover, when you opt for home remodeling, it’s natural that you’ll look for something that’ll be easy on the pocket. It’s quite easy to maintain as well. All it takes is regular mopping and cleaning and the floor is good to go. The above mentioned things should be kept in mind when home remodeling, Houston based experts suggest.

How to go about buying overstock appliances!

kn sales logoKitchen remodeling is not just about repairing the floor, or giving your ceiling a fresh coat of paint. It is also the time, when you should upgrade the appliances. After all, there is little prudence in sticking to your old appliances, when you need to pay hefty energy bills for operating them. You should go for appliances that are energy efficient, and at the same time, can jazz up the look of your kitchen.


Getting new appliances at bargain prices is somewhat akin to winning a lottery. And that’s the prime draw of overstock products. The retailer offers clearance sales to sell off the products that are new but haven’t found takers, owing to a sudden dip in demand. And you get to enjoy the perks! So what kind of appliances can you find on a clearance sale? Here’s a brief overview.

amanakitchenFood Processor – Prepping up the ingredients before you actually get down to cooking can take quite a lot of time. This is the reason why you need to opt for a food processor. This equipment comes with different blades that can actually make an easy job of cutting, chopping, slicing and mincing the ingredients for cooking. You can also make purées and pastes with the help of a food processor. You can get quality food processors at several stores in Houston. Appliance options, design ideasmost stores in Houston can help you spruce up the look of your kitchen, without spending tons of money. Houston is also the place where you get many sellers offering quality food processors in their clearance sales.

banner2Electric Griddle – You have an active social life and you have guests dropping in at your place, on a regular basis. You can use an electric griddle to prepare delicacies like quesadillas and burgers, and win compliments from your friends and family. You just need cooking spray and the necessary ingredients, and you are sorted. Thanks to electric griddle, you get food that is not greasy or sticky but yummy all the way.

classic-simplicity-jj-4Coffee Maker – If you are the one who need cups of coffee to keep yourself going through the day, this is the equipment for you. This can help you brew cups of piping hot coffee, whenever you want. And operating such an equipment can also be a breeze, provided you read the instruction manual carefully. You will get this in most leading stores that sell appliances. Houston is one place where you will find several leading stores in the business.

banner1However, kitchen remodeling incurs several expenses, and you might face cash crunch. If that is the case, there is a simple solution to your problem overstock appliances. While buying an overstock appliance, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should not rush through the process. Explore several stores that are offering clearance sales, browse through their collection and settle for a particular one after much thought.


Also, rest assured: overstock products retain the warranties offered by manufacturers. So, in case of any manufacturing defect, you can always get it replaced. So, time to check out the appliance stores in your vicinity?