Make use of custom cabinets Houston experts say, to store glassware

kn sales logoBe it setting the table or your kitchen decor, glassware is extremely important. Quite often people think of glassware as an important display item or for the purpose of setting the table well as an afterthought.

classic-simplicity-jj-4However, it’s important for you to be aware of the fact that the right choice of glassware is capable of setting an elegant pace to your evening with guests and complement your kitchen interior to a considerable extent. Now, more often than not, people are concerned about where to keep glassware. Well, you needn’t worry about it too much for the simple reason that custom cabinets, Houston experts believe, is a great way to store glassware and even put it on display.

amanakitchenDifferent kinds of glassware that can be stored in custom cabinets

There’s a huge range of glassware that you might consider getting. Parties aren’t the same without the right glasses. Make use of custom cabinetry, Houston based experts opine, for the purpose of storing these fragile items and adding to the decor of your kitchen.

malibu-2Stemware: One of the most popular types of stemware are wine glasses. They’re specifically designed such that you can enjoy wine in it. Generally the glasses used for red wines are comparatively larger and wider than those of white ones. Another popular kind of stemware would be the champagne flute. This is essentially a stem glass with a narrow and tall bowl. Brandy snifters are another kind that have a shorter stem below a main vessel, which is narrow at the top and wider at the bottom. Margarita glasses and martini or cocktail glasses, often have a cone-shaped, wide bowl on top of a flat-based stem.

european-country-oo-5Tumblers: These include the highball glasses, which came into fashion way back in the 19th century when the concept of mixed drinks was first introduced. The other kind in this category is the Collins glass and it’s definitely taller than the highball tumbler. Old-fashioned glasses form the shortest tumblers and are capable of holding 6 ounces at least. These are quite good for serving mixed drinks.

banner1Beer glasses: Lagers and pilsners are best served in a pilsner glass. These glasses are quite small and its shape tapers to a short neck on top of a narrow base. The pint glass is another of its kind and it has been specifically designed to hold an Imperial pint. This particular glass proves rather useful for most ciders and beers. A beer stein is more of a traditional beer tankard, which originated in Germany and is capable of holding one liter of the liquid.

banner3Other glasses: There are various other categories of glassware you might consider getting especially when kitchen remodeling, Houston based experts suggest. Shot glasses, coffee mugs and typical drinking glasses fall under this category.


Keep in mind the various types of glassware discussed above and get them to store in custom cabinets Houston experts suggest. When you have the right glass items in place, hosting dinners can turn into a rather enjoyable process. After all, what is good food without some great liquor to whet your taste buds?


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