Need inspiration for custom cabinetry? Houston can help!

kn sales logo‘Wow! I’m totally in awe with those beautiful cabinets which adorn your kitchen, Lizzy!’ said, Mrs. Tisdale, Lizzy’s childhood friend. A number of factors play a crucial role when it comes to the decor of a kitchen. To start with, you would like to consider the color palette, textures, lighting and choice of accessories. With a set of custom kitchen cabinets, you can completely transform the look of your kitchen. While some custom kitchen cabinet options are quite expensive, you can talk to a professional remodeler to help you with your requirements. Taking help from a professional remodeler can make the task of setting up a fabulous kitchen much more easier. They can help you with all the various aspects about custom cabinetry.

european-country-oo-5Before you begin with the planning and shopping, it will be great to get an idea about all the varieties of options. Check out many different options of custom cabinets Houston based stores is where you can get valuable inspiration to set up a beautiful kitchen complete with beautiful cabinets. Once you have checked out the cool options on display, you will be able to take a better decision. Knowing more about the basic elements will help you to arrive at a decision.

malibu-2Here are 5 details which you can consider –

  1. Decorative supports – If you have a soft corner for a decor which exudes old world charm, opt for decorative supports. They make the wall mount cabinets look beautiful. Avoid anything that is longer than 12 inches.

  2. Corbels – Take the decor of your cabinets a notch higher with beautiful corbels. For the perfect match in terms of the color, check out the wooden corbels. They however, can be more expensive. Alternatively, you can also consider precast foam models.

  3. Aprons – A good coordination between the seat height and the apron of a cabinet can work wonders to make the kitchen cabinets look striking and spectacular. It gives a good finishing. The ideal height of an apron is 3 inches.

  4. Furniture toe kicks – While, increasing the comfort factor, a toe kick also enhances the look of cabinets. Recommended amount for a toe kick is four and a half inches to where the cabinet touches the floor. A toe kick makes it easy to work closed to the cabinet.

  5. Pet station – For your four legged friends, this will be a delight! How about setting up a pet station with your existing cabinet? This will serve as the designated area for the pets to savour their meals. A built in pet station with drawers will help you to keep the kitchen space tidy.
    banner1To serve your purposes, take advice from a professional. An experienced kitchen remodeler can answer all your queries about custom cabinetry Houston based shops are equipped with many cool and useful kitchen tools and accessories, which you can check out.


To break the monotony of brown cabinets and white walls, you can consider colourful appliances Houston based stores are stocked with appliances from popular brands such as Amana, GE and Bosch, Blue Star and many more.


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