Pep Up Your Kitchen With Beautiful Appliances And Custom Cabinets, Houston-ites!

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Whenever you find your kitchen looking extremely faded and old, it is time for you to think about a complete kitchen renovation. In addition, since there is a wide array of kitchen items and appliances to choose from the market, you might be a little confused as to which ones to go for. Items such as mixers, juicers, blenders, toasters, you name it and they are available in the market. In fact, in Houston, you will get a wide gamut of sellers who are offering overstock appliances at reasonable prices. This apart, you will also get custom cabinets in Houston. Various types of customized cabinets are available at affordable rates in Houston.

malibu-2So if you feel that you need a kitchen remodeling, overstock appliances at various prices are easily available in Houston. Moreover, to amp up your kitchen further, you can opt for custom cabinets. Houston is a place which has plenty of retailers who are offering such cabinets at budget rates. Custom cabinetry of various sizes and shapes can be made to order, to suit your daily requirements and kitchen décor. To add a jazz to your kitchen interiors, custom cabinetry made of oak, maple or cherry woods, can be purchased.
Apart from custom cabinets, there are many who choose some of the most functional kitchen appliances to pep up their kitchen décor. Given below are some of the overstock appliances which are available in Houston at reasonable rates:

amanakitchenMicrowave ovens: These are really useful and they make cooking a very convenient option for you. IN fact, the entire process of cooking becomes faster with microwave ovens. Right from roasting meats and vegetables to baking cakes and reheating leftover food items, everything can be done using microwave ovens. If your kitchen is big sized, you can go for a big sized oven. On the other hand, if your kitchen is relatively small, a moderately sized microwave oven should be good. With the auto cook button and temperature control measures, cooking and reheating food using an oven is easy and hassle free.


Toasters: These appliances can be highly beneficial, especially for toasting breads on a regular basis. Your family might love toasts, especially during breakfast. In such a case, a toaster can be of immense help. You can make your children their favorite butter toast, cheese toast or jam toast in the morning or for snacks in the evening. In addition to that, you can also toast breads and make sandwiches. The temperature control measures make it even easier for you to get crunchy toasts, within a short span of time.

banner2Juicers: These appliances can be really useful, especially, if there are kids at your home. You can prepare green vegetable smoothies, using a juicer. You can also cut various fruits into small pieces, such as mangoes, apples, pineapples and watermelons, put them inside the juicer, blend them and get healthy and tasty juices for your kids.

So whether you are opting for overstock appliances or custom cabinets, Houston is a place where you can get loads of options.


Few Tips to Simply the Process of Kitchen Remodeling, Houston

kn sales logoKitchen remodeling is not just about getting a new look and feel for the most important area in your house. It is primarily about rendering the work process easier by making more space to move around and store things. Then again, aesthetic appeal and new look, even though secondary, are in no way unimportant.

amanakitchenRemodeling a home kitchen can be done in a plethora of ways. However, one’s goal must be to achieve more workability. This includes better storage, easy accessibility and lesser clutter as well as aesthetic beauty. In Houston, some simple yet practical ideas are used for kitchen remodeling that never fail to work. These are:

Adding a custom island:

banner1The beauty of a granite or a quartz topped kitchen island is more or less unparalleled. It is an absolute favorite of chefs. It transforms the kitchen from a closed off, stuffy room into a vibrant and much more functional area. These islands not only help with storage, cutting, peeling, etc., these can also serve as makeshift dining areas for smaller families.

Add a backsplash to your kitchen:

european-country-oo-5These are typically installed behind the sink, hence the name! However, these can be installed all around the kitchen in order to make the room easily cleanable. Backsplashes help to protect the walls of the room from getting damaged by absorbing excess watter, splattered food from cooking and steam. They even absorb smell from cooking to some extent. Bright-colored backsplashes can serve as focal points in otherwise plain-looking kitchens.

Incorporate smart storage ideas:

classic-simplicity-jj-4Irrespective of whether a kitchen is big or small, it is absolutely imperative that you use smart storage ideas. Even big kitchens can look closed off if the designs of the storage cabinets are unsuitable for the available space. Moving around and finding things are never problematic in kitchens that are fitted with innovative and, preferably, space-saving cabinets.

The plumbing fixtures must be easily operable:

malibu-2Installing a new kitchen sink, preferably a stainless steel one and a new just-a-touch faucet head would be a good idea. The material is non-porous and therefore, heat and stain resistant. Choosing a brushed or satin finish over the mirror finish will make the scratches and water marks less noticeable. The ones with sound absorbing pads at the bottom are the best as they make lot less noise than what is generally associated with stainless still sinks.

Get the lighting right:

When it comes to lighting, kitchen should neither be too bright or too dark. Adequate lighting must be achieved at the proper places, especially over the cook-top or oven, near the appliances, over the island and dining areas. A little bit of research would be required before purchasing aesthetically pleasing fixtures as well as power saving lights.

banner3Flooring is important too:

It would be even better if natural stones are used for the backsplashes. For residents of kitchen remodeling, Houston based people can use easily available bright-colored tiles Kitchen remodeling is something that should not be rushed in to. This is especially true when it comes to flooring. Contrary to popular belief, kitchen flooring is not always expensive. With multiple types of flooring materials available today, finding something affordable has become easier. It has to be noted, however, that not every flooring solution is suitable for every kitchen. What works for a small kitchen might not work for a big one and vice versa.

Transform Your Small Kitchen with 5 Easy Ideas of Kitchen Remodeling, Houston

kn sales logoThere was a time when kitchens of large families used to be huge rooms with separate areas for cutting, baking, cooking and cleaning. In fact, some noble households had so many mouths to feed that their cooking area had to be set up in a separate outhouse. Times have changed and so have people’s necessities. With time, kitchens have evolved into much more than just  cooking spaces. Now it serves as dining area, a place for a family members to meet and converse after a long day, a place to watch television together and sometimes, even a study space or play area for the kids.


Not everyone lives in a place with enough square footage to serve all those purposes. This is especially true in case of those who live in crowded cities like Houston. Most apartment dwellers prefer to increase the usability of their kitchens through home remodeling. Houston has seen some very impressive small kitchen remodeling in the past. Here are a few tried and tested ideas that can help you decide what you want to incorporate into your apartment kitchen remodeling project and what you want to leave out.

european-country-oo-5Cut the corners

In case you have decided that you want your kitchen to be built completely from scratch, go for efficient layouts that would not leave too much of dead space. Consider corner drawers and ‘lazy Susans’. These would make those awkward spots more functional and interesting.

classic-simplicity-jj-4Mirror, mirror on the wall

Installing mirrors does not actually make your kitchen bigger; but it does give a pretty impressive illusion of doing so. You can put up few decorative mirrors of varying sizes on the kitchen wall to make the space look more expansive and lavish.

tradesman-147-749x300Drop anchor at that island

If limited kitchen space does not actually allow you to place a dining table there, get a kitchen counter instead. The lower part can be used as a cabinet while the marble top serves well as dining place cum cooking-cutting area.

malibu-2Shedding light

There is no denying that a dark kitchen is a gloomy kitchen. Install energy-saving lights at the appropriate places. Adequate lighting in the cooking area, the dining area, and inside the cabinets can do a lot to make your kitchen more functional and of course, brighter.

Hang it up

Actually hanging heavy pots and pans up is a smarter idea than putting them on shelves. This saves a lot of cabinet space. You can also make use of wire baskets.

banner2Projects of kitchen remodeling, Houston work really well when the apartments have smart layouts. That, along with clever storage solutions, can help to maximize efficiency in the cooking area. Whether you are just looking for a fresh setting in the kitchen or going for a larger renovation, it is always necessary to put in enough thought and research into the process. Ignorant decisions will inevitably lead to problems later. Always try to make informed decisions rather than spending extra on replacement and repairs later on.

Rev up your kitchen décor with custom cabinets, Houston-ites!

kn sales logoIt was over five years that I last renovated my kitchen and now I felt I must redesign it to jazz up the look of my kitchen décor. After consulting with several home décor experts on kitchen remodeling and going through several articles and magazines, I found out that custom cabinets would be a great choice, when it comes to kitchen renovation. Given below are some of the reasons which further inspired me to opt for custom cabinets.

amanakitchenMade of superior quality material:

As far as custom cabinets are concerned, they come with high quality hinges and drawer slides, which never become sticky. They come with added durability. Moreover, they open and close properly, without leaving any gap. In addition to that, you can choose from a large variety of wood veneers for your custom cabinets, such as maple, cherry, oak, etc. The selection of wood veneers entirely depends on the color of your kitchen wall décor. For instance, if your wall color is cream, you can opt for cream colored custom cabinets. Also, if you like contrasting colors, you can opt for dark wooden colored cabinets. The color of cabinets entirely depends on you. For custom cabinets, Houston is a place that one cannot ignore.

european-country-oo-5Select cabinet heights very carefully

If your kitchen ceiling is 8 feet tall, you can order specially made cabinets which go right upto the ceiling height. Such tailor-made cabinets can offer improved storage solution. You can keep bulk items, which you do not regularly, inside these tall cabinets. Such custom designed cabinets can also keep big-sized kitchen appliances, thereby, keeping your kitchen free from mess and dirt. To look for more options on custom cabinets or even kitchen appliances, Houston is a place you must visit. In Houston, appliances of different categories will be readily available to you, that too, at reasonable rates. You can also get overstock appliances in these stores of Houston. Such overstock appliances come with affordable price tag, and at the same time they boast of greater quality.

classic-simplicity-jj-4Decide whether you want to stain or paint

It would be advisable to opt for brush-painted cabinets. This is because these usually add a glamorous look to your kitchen. These cabinets not only add a modern touch to your home décor, these cabinets are also durable and strong. But if you are hunting for stained-wood cabinets, you must remember that they don’t provide added longevity, which means that the finish doesn’t last for long. Additionally, they are difficult to alter as well. If you are on the lookout for such cabinets, Houston can get you options galore.

banner2In fact, most of the interior décor experts suggested that for custom cabinets, Houston is a place one should not miss. Therefore, without thinking twice, I wanted to opt for custom cabinets. Today, with custom-designed cabinets, my kitchen looks no less than a elegant cooking zone. In fact, the marble counter top which is placed in my kitchen, makes it even more sophisticated and posh. Redoing my kitchen has never been so much fun as it had been this time.

Amp up kitchen décor by refacing custom cabinets, Houston-ites!

kn sales logoAre you planning for a kitchen overhaul but confused about the kind of cabinetry to opt for? Well, Houston is a place which is home to a wide range of sellers who offer well-designed and good quality cabinets, at reasonable rates. Again, there are many who choose between refacing their kitchen cabinets and replacing them. You can select either of the two, depending on your daily needs. However, cabinet refacing takes much less time than replacing the cabinets.

classic-simplicity-jj-4Benefits of cabinet refacing

What is cabinet refacing? Well, it basically includes covering the exposed cabinet frames with a veneer of plastic laminate or real wood. You can also opt for refacing of your custom cabinets. Houston is a place which offers a fine line of plastic laminates and kitchen cabinet veneers. You can choose from the wide range, depending on your requirements. Certain benefits of refacing your cabinets include the following:amanakitchen

  • You can still use your kitchen and work, while refacing your kitchen cabinets
  • It takes much less time (approximately 7 days)
  • It is very cost-efficient
  • Refacing cabinets is environment-friendly, since you are not adding to the landfill

european-country-oo-5Cabinet refacing options

You will be amazed to find the variety of wood-veneers in different colors, textures, patterns and grains which are available in Houston. You can also mix and match your refacing options with sinks, kitchen chimneys, etc., to add a glamour quotient to your kitchen interiors. Given below are few options on cabinet refacing:

banner1You can opt for real wood veneers such as oak, maple, and cherry. However, you should note that wood must be properly sealed so as to prevent it from moisture.

You can also go for plastic laminates which are available in a wide gamut of patterns. They are durable as well. Contrasting laminates can be a good pick for your drawer fronts and doors. If you’re hunting for aesthetically designed laminates for your drawer fronts, Houston is a place which has plenty of options.

banner2Rigid thermofoil (RTF) doors can also improve the look of your kitchen décor. These doors comes with a long-lasting plastic coating over fiberboard. These are a good alternative to wooden doors. For such RTF doors, you can visit Houston and get umpteen options at your fingertips. All you need is to evaluate your needs and accordingly select the one that best suits your lifestyle and needs.

about_big3For effective refacing, choose the best from the wide gamut of wood veneers, and plastic laminates. Select in a manner which best suits the wall color and the overall décor of your kitchen. Also, you can get great refacing options on custom cabinets. Houston is a place which has innumerable cabinet refacing options.

malibu-2Apart from refacing your cabinets, you can also revamp your kitchen by incorporating pretty-looking kitchen appliances. If you are in Houston, appliances of various types and designs will be readily available to you. In addition to that, Houston-based retailers also offer overstock appliances at moderate prices. You can check them out too and jazz up your kitchen interiors like never before.

Overhaul your interior décor with fabulous kitchen remodeling, Houston-ites!

kn sales logoAccording to me, a kitchen is not just a place for cooking. It is much more than that. Well, it is the place where all the action begins. Right from gathering together on Sunday mornings as a family to cooking the best meals for your loved ones, a kitchen plays a key role in all this. Whether you are remodeling or redesigning your kitchen décor, you must consider your lifestyle and daily needs before revamping it.

amanakitchenGiven below are few points which you can consider before redoing your kitchen décor:

Stainless steel color tiles would look really good if incorporated behind gas ovens. This adds a touch of drama and personality even if you have a small-sized kitchen

If you want, you can utilize the kitchen space between your cabinets and windows by incorporating shelves on which you can place beautiful flower pots and other attractive show pieces. This will add a glamour quotient to your décor. In addition to that, the light coming from the windows will keep the flowers fresh and pretty. You can also add eye-catching dishware on the shelves to further enhance the beauty of the décor.
You can also opt for upper cabinets if you have a medium sized cabinets. This will add extra storage space. You can keep bulk items, especially the ones you do not need regularly, on these shelves. Overall, your kitchen will be more functional and it will look spacious as well. If you are interested for more such solutions on kitchen remodeling? Houston is a place that you should explore for varied options. Houston houses several retailers who offer fantastic kitchen remodeling solutions for you.

european-country-oo-5To give your kitchen a cheerful color, you can paint one side of the kitchen white and the other side light mauve or light pink. This will add a modern touch to your entire kitchen. You can also go for a light chocolate on one side and beige on the other, if you prefer a contrast. . For more tips and suggestions on kitchen remodeling, Houston is a place you should not ignore. However, remember to choose the colors carefully, since a combination of one or more dark colors can completely spoil the look of your kitchen. For wonderful options on home remodeling, Houston is a place you cannot give a miss.

classic-simplicity-jj-4Apart from the above mentioned options, you can also try and incorporate state-of-the-art kitchen appliances, such as a mixer, toaster, juicer or an oven in your kitchen. Choosing the well-designed and highly functional kitchen appliances can only make your cooking easy and breezy.

malibu-2Be careful to select kitchen appliances, which you require. Appliances such as ovens and toasters can be of immense help on a daily basis. Reheating and roasting food items can be easy with ovens and making crunchy toasts are easy with toasters. For added options on appliances, Houston is a place you absolutely should check out.

If you haven’t gone for a kitchen renovation for the past 4 or 5 years, it’s time to dress up your kitchen with the best remodeling solutions possible.

Jazz up your kitchen with the best-in-class custom cabinets, Houston-ites!

kn sales logoTony Fornabaio states – “The best interiors make your heart pound.” And I could not agree more. Home renovation, surely, is hard work. However, it must look inspired and eye-catching at the end. But, with so many home remodeling options available in the market, you can easily take your pick, depending on your preferences.

amanakitchenSo if you’re thinking of revamping your interior décor, your goal must be to convert every space into an accessible storage area. And custom-designed cabinets make this a possibility. To look for varied options on custom cabinets, Houston is a place you have to visit since it is home to hundreds of retailers who are selling affordable cabinets.

Select cabinets that make a difference

Firstly, try and understand what best suits your lifestyle, is it cooking, preparation or cleaning? Accordingly, pick your cabinets. Custom-build them in a manner that makes them stand apart from the rest.

classic-simplicity-jj-4Incorporate a ‘wow’ element

The most intelligent way to redo a home is to install modern furniture and create added storage spaces. When it comes to kitchen, you can include:

  1. A wall for ceiling-to-floor cabinets

  2. Wall cabinets which extend right up to the ceiling

  3. Corner cabinets

  4. Drawers in base cabinets

  5. Pull-out trash bins

  6. Pull-out pantries

malibu-2Interested in front access cabinets with multiple-shelves? Houston-based retailers can offer varied choices for you. Custom-design these cabinets and tailor make them, to suit your needs. You can pull out shelves to get easy access to what’s at the back of these cabinets. Moreover, cabinets under the kitchen sink can also be a challenge.

tradesman-147-749x300Opt for tilting drawers, door racks, and plastic buckets inside such cabinets, to make your kitchen more functional. Houston offers a fine line of kitchen cabinets and appliances that’ll suit your lifestyle. Be it eclectic or traditional, you can get a wide range of kitchen cabinet options in Houston. Appliance that best suits your aesthetic sense and budget is widely available here.

banner2Not only this, you will find a large variety of shops offering overstock appliances in Houston. These are not only good in quality but they are moderately priced as well. This means that it won’t be a pinch in your pocket, if you opt for such overstock appliances.

european-country-oo-5These days, you can get a large number of options for selecting your custom cabinets. Houston-based sellers can offer you a wide gamut of cabinets and kitchen appliances, right from brands such as Bosch, Faber, Asko and more. If you’re hunting for environment-friendly custom cabinets, Houston is the place for you.

Take your kitchen décor a notch above the others

So why wait any more? Increase the storage capacity of your modern kitchen by incorporating stylish drawers, trash pullouts, shelves and also base cabinets. As Daniel Boulud says, “Kitchens should be designed around what’s truly important – fun, food and life.” So pep up your kitchen interiors with elegant looking and good quality appliances, countertops and cabinets, which can not only add a unique style but also enliven your kitchen like never before.