Transform Your Small Kitchen with 5 Easy Ideas of Kitchen Remodeling, Houston

kn sales logoThere was a time when kitchens of large families used to be huge rooms with separate areas for cutting, baking, cooking and cleaning. In fact, some noble households had so many mouths to feed that their cooking area had to be set up in a separate outhouse. Times have changed and so have people’s necessities. With time, kitchens have evolved into much more than just  cooking spaces. Now it serves as dining area, a place for a family members to meet and converse after a long day, a place to watch television together and sometimes, even a study space or play area for the kids.


Not everyone lives in a place with enough square footage to serve all those purposes. This is especially true in case of those who live in crowded cities like Houston. Most apartment dwellers prefer to increase the usability of their kitchens through home remodeling. Houston has seen some very impressive small kitchen remodeling in the past. Here are a few tried and tested ideas that can help you decide what you want to incorporate into your apartment kitchen remodeling project and what you want to leave out.

european-country-oo-5Cut the corners

In case you have decided that you want your kitchen to be built completely from scratch, go for efficient layouts that would not leave too much of dead space. Consider corner drawers and ‘lazy Susans’. These would make those awkward spots more functional and interesting.

classic-simplicity-jj-4Mirror, mirror on the wall

Installing mirrors does not actually make your kitchen bigger; but it does give a pretty impressive illusion of doing so. You can put up few decorative mirrors of varying sizes on the kitchen wall to make the space look more expansive and lavish.

tradesman-147-749x300Drop anchor at that island

If limited kitchen space does not actually allow you to place a dining table there, get a kitchen counter instead. The lower part can be used as a cabinet while the marble top serves well as dining place cum cooking-cutting area.

malibu-2Shedding light

There is no denying that a dark kitchen is a gloomy kitchen. Install energy-saving lights at the appropriate places. Adequate lighting in the cooking area, the dining area, and inside the cabinets can do a lot to make your kitchen more functional and of course, brighter.

Hang it up

Actually hanging heavy pots and pans up is a smarter idea than putting them on shelves. This saves a lot of cabinet space. You can also make use of wire baskets.

banner2Projects of kitchen remodeling, Houston work really well when the apartments have smart layouts. That, along with clever storage solutions, can help to maximize efficiency in the cooking area. Whether you are just looking for a fresh setting in the kitchen or going for a larger renovation, it is always necessary to put in enough thought and research into the process. Ignorant decisions will inevitably lead to problems later. Always try to make informed decisions rather than spending extra on replacement and repairs later on.


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