For Kitchen Remodeling, Houston Homeowners Must Consider A Few Vital Factors

Are you planning to remodel the kitchen of your Houston home? Have you planned out each phase of the project? In case you haven’t, know that proper detailed planning is necessary for every stage of your remodeling. The lack of proper planning can result in something completely different from what you have envisioned. More importantly, it can cost you way more than what you intend to spend at the moment.

If this is the first time you are getting a remodel done in your kitchen, you need to keep a few factors in mind, in order to avoid overspending or ending up with a kitchen that is neither very useful nor aesthetically pleasing.

banner1Easy movement – For kitchen remodeling, Houston remodelers always urge homeowners to put function over looks. There is no ideal kitchen shape. No matter whether your kitchen is U or L shaped, you must plan for the sink, refrigerator and cooktop to form a rough triangle. It would be ideal if you can have six feet of distance between the three to allow easy movement.

Proper storage – One of the most common errors that homeowners make while planning for kitchen remodeling is not leaving enough space for storage. It is important to use up every nook and cranny. You may choose to install tall cabinets and multiple base cabinets. Consider deep drawers for heavy pots and pans. If there are a few inches left to one side between the wall and the last cabinet, fit a spice rack or a small bookshelf there. If your kitchen has sharp turns or awkward corners, use corner drawers, preferably with lazy Susans, to use that space. Store everything in its place to keep the countertop uncluttered and organized.

See the light – Lighting is one of the most important aspects of kitchen remodeling as well as home remodeling. Houston remodelers opine that lack of light can make an expansive area look smaller while reflective surfaces in a small space can make it feel more spacious. Besides, unlike in other rooms of the house, overhead lighting is insufficient in the kitchen. You do not want the light behind you either as that would cast a shadow on the workspace. Thus, it is better to have light fixtures directly atop the counters and under the cabinets.

Power play – Go for only energy-efficient appliances. In Houston, appliances from reputed brands are available at affordable rates at the sales held during holidays. You can also buy overstock appliances to save considerably on the white goods. In the kitchen, make sure the appropriate power sources are near the appliances. Many people realize that they do not have the right gas or electric lines after the remodeling work is over. Also, measure the available space before buying appliances. If you mistakenly buy a bigger appliance, you won’t be able to cram it in the available space.

Safety first – You must make your kitchen as family-friendly as possible. If your home has a backyard, try to incorporate bay windows or glass doors to your kitchen’s design to get a good view of the backyard garden. Rounded countertop edges, slip resistant flooring and ovens located at adult height are few other safety precautions that you can incorporate in the design.


Considering the above points can help you to totally transform your kitchen while boosting workability and beauty of the space. However, it would be wise to consult a remodeling expert before you invest in home or kitchen remodeling. Houston based remodeling experts can provide you with great ideas based on your preferences, requirements and budget.


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