How To Get The Modern Look For Your Kitchen With Wood Mode Cabinets; Houston Residents Take Note

The kitchen has evolved considerably over the years. It has gone from being a simple space meant for cooking to a space where family members gather after a long day to dine and relax. A lot of time is spared to ensure the decor of the kitchen is functional, warm and welcoming.  When it comes to kitchen decors, ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’ are two terms that are heard very often nowadays. Houston cabinetry designers say that it can be hard to distinguish between ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’, especially for those home-owners, who have limited knowledge about cabinetry styles. Contemporary typically means current or of the moment. It refers to the designs trends that belong to that moment.


Modern, on the other hand, can be a tricky term. Most of the time, it refers to a specific design style that emerged during early 20th century. The style broke the conventional idea of ornamental kitchen decor that was popular before the Industrial Revolution. Modern can sometimes also refer to describe any kitchen decor that is opposite of traditional, which may vary depending on current trends. Modern kitchens usually feature frameless cabinets, simple hardware, strong lines and lack of ornamentation.


Flat-panel door style – Flat-panel door is sometimes referred to as the slab-door style. As the name suggests, these panels are flat and feature strong lines. These strong lines emphasize consistency in designs. This chic twist on traditional Shaker style doors adds a sense of warmth to the decor. There can be unique features like notched frames and beaded center panels on the doors but none of them feature heavy detailing.

Frameless, full-overlay cabinetry – There are many terms that are used to describe this type of cabinetry, for example – frameless, Euro frameless, overlay, full overlay. They all mean the same thing though, that the cabinet door overlays the edges of the cabinet box. Since, this style is sleeker than flush-inset cabinetry, it is preferred by those, who are looking for clean and simple decor. One can go for overlay designs in Wood-Mode cabinets. Houston cabinetry designers opine that full-overlay cabinets are much sleeker than flush-inset cabinets, which are associated with more traditional kitchen decors.

Lack of ornamentation – Modern kitchens usually have C-channel hardware which are integrated into the cabinet. Tubular pulls and flat linear pulls are also widely used. Modern kitchens do not have ornate detailing, any pattern or veining. Simple hardware often accentuate horizontal lines of cabinets by running the full length of doors and drawers.

Cutting-edge appliances – Modern kitchens have sleek appliances. Most people prefer to go for stainless steel finishes for their modern kitchens. Brands like Thermador and Bosch are favored by modern homeowners. One may also go for colored appliances, provided they complement the kitchen’s color scheme. Much emphasis is given on the energy-efficiency of the appliances. Energy-efficient appliances not only help to save one considerably on power bills over the years but are also the environmentally-friendlier options.


kn sales logoOne may think that the decor of a modern kitchen would seem a bit plain due to the lack of ornamentation. However, that is not the case. Modern kitchens rely heavily on the beauty of natural materials to accentuate the beauty of the decor. The veining of marble used for countertops, vases of flowers and bowls of fruits add natural warmth to the setting and make the space look livelier.


Looking for a Wine-Fridge or a Freezer? Sub-Zero Offers You Options Aplenty

Sub-Zero is known for taking refrigeration to the next level. This is a brand which is widely preferred by discerning home makers. What makes Sub-Zero a notch above the rest is its unique technology of preserving food at sub-zero temperatures and its dual-refrigeration system.


Freezers and fridges from Sub-Zero have their own capacity to optimize food freshness. In addition, the Sub-Zero refrigerators also prevents food from smelling bad or rotting. The exclusive and high-end cooling system of Sub-Zero fridges retains the nutrition, freshness, quality and taste of the food.

Moreover, Sub-Zero freezers and fridges are also renowned for their innovative designs and shapes. Each of its appliances flaunts great designs which add to the overall appeal of a kitchen décor. Be it a wine storage unit, undercounter refrigerator, beverage center, ice-maker or freezer drawer, each of the appliances look great and attractive.


Sub-Zero is also known for its state-of-the-art refrigeration models. You can either select a stainless steel exterior or the customizable one. The latter allows you to incorporate kitchen cabinet panels on the door, according to your choices. The depth of the Sub-Zero refrigerators are a lot more than those of other brands. You can install flush with kitchen cabinets of similar depth, to make your entire interior décor look more integrated. Since built-in fridges are generally wider than usual, they offer additional storage capacity.

Moreover, the best part is that Sub-Zero refrigerators do not require a lot of maintenance. All you need to do is to clear the condenser of the refrigerator, at least once a year, to keep it dust-free. And you are done. Accumulated dust can prevent the fridge from functioning. As a result, it is really essential that you keep the condenser clean.


Looking to install fridges from Sub Zero? Houston is a place you must explore for a large array of options. Houston is home to many sellers who offer Sub-Zero freezers and fridges, at affordable prices.

The range of refrigerators and freezers are aplenty at Houston. For example, if you are a wine-lover, and prefer a wine fridge, Houston is the place where you will get Sub-Zero wine fridges, at reasonable rates. Fine wine is too valuable to be confined to a dusty cellar or shut away in a cupboard. And to pull out a wine with a mouldy label and dry cork – even worse. Better storage space for wine bottles means better toasts and parties. And for this, a wine fridge is really important. Sub-Zero offers some of the best wine storage units which come with great designs.


Sub Zero wine fridges not only act as coolers but also as guardians to the enemies of wine, such as light, humidity, heat and vibration. The wine fridges from Sub Zero are made from super-grade materials, excellent craftsmanship and improved technologies. This retains taste of the wines and allows you to enjoy every sip. The wine fridges are built in a highly advanced way which preserves the quality of the wine and allows you to get every bit of taste which the vinter intended.

How To Make The Designs Of Brookhaven Cabinets Perfect For Your Kitchen

So, you are moving to a new house and there is a lot of shopping to do? You may have already started buying lampshades and curtains but are yet to start looking at cabinetry designs. Selecting designs of cabinets might not be as interesting as shopping for accessories. However, it is one of the most important things to focus on, especially when you are shifting homes.

When it comes to cabinetry, it would be best to go for custom cabinets over semi custom or stock cabinets. Not all kitchens are same; they have different layouts, available spaces, floor areas, etc. Since stock cabinets have general designs, they might not be as useful in your kitchen as they are in another one. Custom cabinets are made according to your working habits and preferences. Custom designs also help you to make the most of the available space and enhance the workability of the kitchen. Custom cabinets can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space.


You can incorporate some ideas in the designs of your custom cabinets to enhance their workability:

  • Start by making a stockpile list of everything in your kitchen. From serving ware to cutlery to appliances – everything needs its own place. Also, see how stocked your pantry is now and how much the stock is likely to grow in the near future. Your kitchen cabinetry’s design needs to account for the storage of all these items.
  • Don’t leave the corner out. Go for corner cabinets fitted with drawers and lazy Susans. Smart designs will make it easier for you to store and access items in the cabinet.
  • Instead of making all the drawers deep, install some compartments in some of them. You can store cutlery in these drawers, with one compartment holding spoons and another holding forks and so on. Storage and accessibility become easier when all the items are not jumbled together.
  • Keep the wall cabinets shallow. When the cabinets are deep, you usually store items, one behind the other. This can make things more difficult to find if you cannot see till the back of the cabinet clearly. On the other hand, keeping the depth of the cabinet between six to nine inches will force you to store things side by side and you will be able to find them easily.
  • Keeping small appliances like coffee maker and mixer on the counter can take away working space and make the countertop look cluttered. You can instead incorporate some appliance garages in your cabinetry. However, remember to measure the available space before you hit the appliance stores. Buying a coffee machine that does not fit into your cabinet and then having to return it can be quite an ordeal.
  • Install an island cabinet. An island is very practical as it not only defines the layout of the kitchen but also makes it a great place for socializing. In a large kitchen, it is very effective to incorporate an island cabinet with worktop surfaces to break up the area. Oak can be used for the cabinet while granite will be perfect for the worktop. Island cabinets can also be used to add some contrast in the kitchen, in case, all your wall and base cabinets are of the same color.


To get your money’s worth you can buy Brookhaven cabinets. Cabinetry designers and homeowners like this brand alike as its cabinets are made from best quality materials, have eye-catching designs and are durable.

Sonic Ice Maker – Cooling Technology with an Edge

kn sales logoMost homes want to equip their kitchens with latest gadgets and appliances such as well-designed cooking vessels, freezers, ovens, ice-cream makers, coffee-makers, toasters, and the like. One of the latest additions to many homes nowadays is an ice-maker. Previously, only pubs, hotels and restaurants used to install ice makers in their kitchens. Nowadays, ice makers are an integral part to many homes too. And Sonic Ice Maker tops the chart here.


A Sonic Ice Maker is known for its precision, power and efficiency. If you are the sort of person who love to have dinner parties, BBQs and get-togethers at home pretty often, a Sonic Ice Maker should be an ideal fit for it.

european-country-oo-5Now there are many who ask – “What more would an ice-maker do which a regular freezer can’t?” Well, if you need reasonable amount of freshly prepared ice, if you have a lot of drinks to serve, if the weather is warm and your guests require nice and cool drinks, then using a regular freezer to produce ice cubes from trays of water is not going to work at all. It is during these times that a Sonic Ice Maker proves to be of real help. Given below are some of the reasons which further go on to explain why homes need an ice-maker nowadays.

  • Even if you have a large freezer containing a big ice tray, it would still be a problem to produce sufficient amount of fresh ice, in case you want more to serve your guests.
  • Regular refrigerators with chest freezer units can produce only a particular quantity of ice, so again there is a problem of not enough provision to make decent amount of fresh ice.


With a Sonic Ice Maker, you can produce ice easily and quickly, well in advance of your parties, and even while your party is going on. You can install such an ice-maker, either in your kitchen, your dining room or your drawing room, wherever you please, thanks to its light weight. Flaunting a great design, this ice-maker should not only be of great utility, but should rev up the ambience too.


The ice that Sonic Ice Maker usually produce is nugget shaped. What’s special about such nugget shaped ice is that you can store the ice in bags in freezer, where the ice nuggets will not stick to each other and form a solid block, unlike what happens with ice cubes. All it needs is a gentle tap to break the ice nuggets loose, when they are brought out of the freezer.


Sub-Zero is a brand which is known for ice-makers, freezers and refrigerators. Built and tested to the highest standards, Sub-Zero appliances offer outstanding performance. Many discerning home cooks prefer Sub-Zero refrigerators and its cooling technology that comes with great food preservation systems. If you are looking for appliances from Sub-Zero, Houston is a place you must visit. This is a place which is home to many retailers who sell these appliances at affordable rates.

Whether it is Sonic Ice Maker or Sub-Zero fridges, you can assured of high-end technology coupled with great designs. And if you love to organize parties, entertaining guests with refreshing drinks and fresh food will not be a problem, with these appliances in your home.

Which Factors To Consider When Buying A Wine fridge For Your Home

Is the wine in your fridge taking up a bit too much space for your liking? This means you are having to choose whether you want to store a bottle of red wine or white wine or a carton of milk. May be it is time for you to give the wine its own home. A wine fridge is all you need to stack your wine bottles properly at the right temperature. Whether you are buying the fridge because there is not enough space to store them in your refrigerator or because you would like to store some wine more than the twenty-four hours that you usually do after purchasing, know that buying a wine fridge is not exactly easy. It can seem even more difficult if you have no experience in buying wine fridges.


There are few factors that you can consider, to ensure that you are buying the right wine fridge for your home.


Capacity – Determine how many bottles of wine you want to store now and how your wine collection may grow in the future. Generally homeowners search for fridges that would help them to store under fifty or so bottles. If that is the kind of fridge you are looking for, know that you have two options. There are:

  • Fridges that have compressors like kitchen fridges do
  • Fridges that are ‘silent’ and are thermoelectric.

If you are fond of collecting wines, it would be wise to buy a bigger fridge than what you need right now. If you want to stick to a minimal budget, invest in a bigger fridge than going for the bells and whistles like glass door and sliding shelves.

Location – Do you intend to put the fridge in the living room or in the kitchen? No matter where you plan to put the fridge, consider investing in a custom cabinet for it. Custom cabinetry can make the appliance look like a stand-alone furniture, adding to the aesthetic appeal of the room. Ensure that the cabinet is front and back ventilated. There must be some space left for air circulation in order for the wine cabinet to work properly.

Size and shape – Wine fridges are available in various sizes but have some basic form-factors.

  • The ones that can hold twenty bottles typically go on top of counters.
  • The ones that can hold between twenty to sixty bottles can be kept under counters.
  • Larger fridges that can store over seventy bottles can be kept as free-standing appliances.


Some fridges are cabinet-style, tall and narrow and others have console style, wide and wide and half-height. Once you know where you are going to put the fridge, it will be easier to choose the style.

Wines are sensitive to fluctuating temperatures, light and humidity. By storing them in a wine fridge, you know that you are keeping them at an ideal and constant temperature. While keeping them in a cupboard can make them taste too dried out, your kitchen refrigerator is too cold and not humid enough. Keeping the above factors in mind can make the process of choosing the right wine fridge much easier.