Which Factors To Consider When Buying A Wine fridge For Your Home

Is the wine in your fridge taking up a bit too much space for your liking? This means you are having to choose whether you want to store a bottle of red wine or white wine or a carton of milk. May be it is time for you to give the wine its own home. A wine fridge is all you need to stack your wine bottles properly at the right temperature. Whether you are buying the fridge because there is not enough space to store them in your refrigerator or because you would like to store some wine more than the twenty-four hours that you usually do after purchasing, know that buying a wine fridge is not exactly easy. It can seem even more difficult if you have no experience in buying wine fridges.


There are few factors that you can consider, to ensure that you are buying the right wine fridge for your home.


Capacity – Determine how many bottles of wine you want to store now and how your wine collection may grow in the future. Generally homeowners search for fridges that would help them to store under fifty or so bottles. If that is the kind of fridge you are looking for, know that you have two options. There are:

  • Fridges that have compressors like kitchen fridges do
  • Fridges that are ‘silent’ and are thermoelectric.

If you are fond of collecting wines, it would be wise to buy a bigger fridge than what you need right now. If you want to stick to a minimal budget, invest in a bigger fridge than going for the bells and whistles like glass door and sliding shelves.

Location – Do you intend to put the fridge in the living room or in the kitchen? No matter where you plan to put the fridge, consider investing in a custom cabinet for it. Custom cabinetry can make the appliance look like a stand-alone furniture, adding to the aesthetic appeal of the room. Ensure that the cabinet is front and back ventilated. There must be some space left for air circulation in order for the wine cabinet to work properly.

Size and shape – Wine fridges are available in various sizes but have some basic form-factors.

  • The ones that can hold twenty bottles typically go on top of counters.
  • The ones that can hold between twenty to sixty bottles can be kept under counters.
  • Larger fridges that can store over seventy bottles can be kept as free-standing appliances.


Some fridges are cabinet-style, tall and narrow and others have console style, wide and wide and half-height. Once you know where you are going to put the fridge, it will be easier to choose the style.

Wines are sensitive to fluctuating temperatures, light and humidity. By storing them in a wine fridge, you know that you are keeping them at an ideal and constant temperature. While keeping them in a cupboard can make them taste too dried out, your kitchen refrigerator is too cold and not humid enough. Keeping the above factors in mind can make the process of choosing the right wine fridge much easier.


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