Sonic Ice Maker – Cooling Technology with an Edge

kn sales logoMost homes want to equip their kitchens with latest gadgets and appliances such as well-designed cooking vessels, freezers, ovens, ice-cream makers, coffee-makers, toasters, and the like. One of the latest additions to many homes nowadays is an ice-maker. Previously, only pubs, hotels and restaurants used to install ice makers in their kitchens. Nowadays, ice makers are an integral part to many homes too. And Sonic Ice Maker tops the chart here.


A Sonic Ice Maker is known for its precision, power and efficiency. If you are the sort of person who love to have dinner parties, BBQs and get-togethers at home pretty often, a Sonic Ice Maker should be an ideal fit for it.

european-country-oo-5Now there are many who ask – “What more would an ice-maker do which a regular freezer can’t?” Well, if you need reasonable amount of freshly prepared ice, if you have a lot of drinks to serve, if the weather is warm and your guests require nice and cool drinks, then using a regular freezer to produce ice cubes from trays of water is not going to work at all. It is during these times that a Sonic Ice Maker proves to be of real help. Given below are some of the reasons which further go on to explain why homes need an ice-maker nowadays.

  • Even if you have a large freezer containing a big ice tray, it would still be a problem to produce sufficient amount of fresh ice, in case you want more to serve your guests.
  • Regular refrigerators with chest freezer units can produce only a particular quantity of ice, so again there is a problem of not enough provision to make decent amount of fresh ice.


With a Sonic Ice Maker, you can produce ice easily and quickly, well in advance of your parties, and even while your party is going on. You can install such an ice-maker, either in your kitchen, your dining room or your drawing room, wherever you please, thanks to its light weight. Flaunting a great design, this ice-maker should not only be of great utility, but should rev up the ambience too.


The ice that Sonic Ice Maker usually produce is nugget shaped. What’s special about such nugget shaped ice is that you can store the ice in bags in freezer, where the ice nuggets will not stick to each other and form a solid block, unlike what happens with ice cubes. All it needs is a gentle tap to break the ice nuggets loose, when they are brought out of the freezer.


Sub-Zero is a brand which is known for ice-makers, freezers and refrigerators. Built and tested to the highest standards, Sub-Zero appliances offer outstanding performance. Many discerning home cooks prefer Sub-Zero refrigerators and its cooling technology that comes with great food preservation systems. If you are looking for appliances from Sub-Zero, Houston is a place you must visit. This is a place which is home to many retailers who sell these appliances at affordable rates.

Whether it is Sonic Ice Maker or Sub-Zero fridges, you can assured of high-end technology coupled with great designs. And if you love to organize parties, entertaining guests with refreshing drinks and fresh food will not be a problem, with these appliances in your home.


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