How To Make The Designs Of Brookhaven Cabinets Perfect For Your Kitchen

So, you are moving to a new house and there is a lot of shopping to do? You may have already started buying lampshades and curtains but are yet to start looking at cabinetry designs. Selecting designs of cabinets might not be as interesting as shopping for accessories. However, it is one of the most important things to focus on, especially when you are shifting homes.

When it comes to cabinetry, it would be best to go for custom cabinets over semi custom or stock cabinets. Not all kitchens are same; they have different layouts, available spaces, floor areas, etc. Since stock cabinets have general designs, they might not be as useful in your kitchen as they are in another one. Custom cabinets are made according to your working habits and preferences. Custom designs also help you to make the most of the available space and enhance the workability of the kitchen. Custom cabinets can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space.


You can incorporate some ideas in the designs of your custom cabinets to enhance their workability:

  • Start by making a stockpile list of everything in your kitchen. From serving ware to cutlery to appliances – everything needs its own place. Also, see how stocked your pantry is now and how much the stock is likely to grow in the near future. Your kitchen cabinetry’s design needs to account for the storage of all these items.
  • Don’t leave the corner out. Go for corner cabinets fitted with drawers and lazy Susans. Smart designs will make it easier for you to store and access items in the cabinet.
  • Instead of making all the drawers deep, install some compartments in some of them. You can store cutlery in these drawers, with one compartment holding spoons and another holding forks and so on. Storage and accessibility become easier when all the items are not jumbled together.
  • Keep the wall cabinets shallow. When the cabinets are deep, you usually store items, one behind the other. This can make things more difficult to find if you cannot see till the back of the cabinet clearly. On the other hand, keeping the depth of the cabinet between six to nine inches will force you to store things side by side and you will be able to find them easily.
  • Keeping small appliances like coffee maker and mixer on the counter can take away working space and make the countertop look cluttered. You can instead incorporate some appliance garages in your cabinetry. However, remember to measure the available space before you hit the appliance stores. Buying a coffee machine that does not fit into your cabinet and then having to return it can be quite an ordeal.
  • Install an island cabinet. An island is very practical as it not only defines the layout of the kitchen but also makes it a great place for socializing. In a large kitchen, it is very effective to incorporate an island cabinet with worktop surfaces to break up the area. Oak can be used for the cabinet while granite will be perfect for the worktop. Island cabinets can also be used to add some contrast in the kitchen, in case, all your wall and base cabinets are of the same color.


To get your money’s worth you can buy Brookhaven cabinets. Cabinetry designers and homeowners like this brand alike as its cabinets are made from best quality materials, have eye-catching designs and are durable.


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