How To Get The Modern Look For Your Kitchen With Wood Mode Cabinets; Houston Residents Take Note

The kitchen has evolved considerably over the years. It has gone from being a simple space meant for cooking to a space where family members gather after a long day to dine and relax. A lot of time is spared to ensure the decor of the kitchen is functional, warm and welcoming.  When it comes to kitchen decors, ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’ are two terms that are heard very often nowadays. Houston cabinetry designers say that it can be hard to distinguish between ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’, especially for those home-owners, who have limited knowledge about cabinetry styles. Contemporary typically means current or of the moment. It refers to the designs trends that belong to that moment.


Modern, on the other hand, can be a tricky term. Most of the time, it refers to a specific design style that emerged during early 20th century. The style broke the conventional idea of ornamental kitchen decor that was popular before the Industrial Revolution. Modern can sometimes also refer to describe any kitchen decor that is opposite of traditional, which may vary depending on current trends. Modern kitchens usually feature frameless cabinets, simple hardware, strong lines and lack of ornamentation.


Flat-panel door style – Flat-panel door is sometimes referred to as the slab-door style. As the name suggests, these panels are flat and feature strong lines. These strong lines emphasize consistency in designs. This chic twist on traditional Shaker style doors adds a sense of warmth to the decor. There can be unique features like notched frames and beaded center panels on the doors but none of them feature heavy detailing.

Frameless, full-overlay cabinetry – There are many terms that are used to describe this type of cabinetry, for example – frameless, Euro frameless, overlay, full overlay. They all mean the same thing though, that the cabinet door overlays the edges of the cabinet box. Since, this style is sleeker than flush-inset cabinetry, it is preferred by those, who are looking for clean and simple decor. One can go for overlay designs in Wood-Mode cabinets. Houston cabinetry designers opine that full-overlay cabinets are much sleeker than flush-inset cabinets, which are associated with more traditional kitchen decors.

Lack of ornamentation – Modern kitchens usually have C-channel hardware which are integrated into the cabinet. Tubular pulls and flat linear pulls are also widely used. Modern kitchens do not have ornate detailing, any pattern or veining. Simple hardware often accentuate horizontal lines of cabinets by running the full length of doors and drawers.

Cutting-edge appliances – Modern kitchens have sleek appliances. Most people prefer to go for stainless steel finishes for their modern kitchens. Brands like Thermador and Bosch are favored by modern homeowners. One may also go for colored appliances, provided they complement the kitchen’s color scheme. Much emphasis is given on the energy-efficiency of the appliances. Energy-efficient appliances not only help to save one considerably on power bills over the years but are also the environmentally-friendlier options.


kn sales logoOne may think that the decor of a modern kitchen would seem a bit plain due to the lack of ornamentation. However, that is not the case. Modern kitchens rely heavily on the beauty of natural materials to accentuate the beauty of the decor. The veining of marble used for countertops, vases of flowers and bowls of fruits add natural warmth to the setting and make the space look livelier.


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