Brookhaven Cabinets – Add an Edge to Your Kitchen Renovation!

Facing a lot of trouble with your small kitchen? If yes, try to install custom-built Brookhaven cabinets in there. These are the cabinets which offer additional durability and immense strength. Brookhaven cabinets are highly coveted in the market owing to the jazz that they offer to a kitchen décor.

Tailored Brookhaven cabinets enhance the storage solutions in a kitchen. You can tailor-make or personalize them, depending on your kitchen area and design. For example, if you have a big kitchen, you can go for large cabinet drawers, floor to ceiling cabinets, spacious shelves, base cabinets, and the like. You can store all your bulky kitchen items inside these cabinets without any trouble. On the other hand, if you have a small kitchen area, you can install comparatively smaller cabinet drawers, fridge-top cabinets, corner cabinets, pull out cutlery, and more. If there are items in your kitchen which you do not need daily, you can keep them inside the fridge top cabinets.


Let me share with you an experience:

When I was staying in my Houston apartment around two years back, my kitchen was too small and it was essential for me to increase my kitchen space to work around conveniently. To enhance my kitchen storage area, I decided to go for custom kitchen cabinets from Brookhaven. Since then I feel that had it not been for customized Brookhaven cabinets, my kitchen would not have looked so good and functional.

If you are interested to opt for custom cabinets, Houston is a place you must explore for better varieties. This is a place which is home to hundreds of retailers who offer customized cabinets at great discounts. All you need is choose the retailer who is offering the best deal and go ahead with your kitchen remodeling. As opposed to standard ready-made cabinets, customized cabinets offer a touch of uniqueness which makes your kitchen décor a notch above the others.


How To Get An Eclectic Decor In Your Kitchen With Mismatched Chairs And Custom Cabinets; Houston Homeowners Take Note

Are you planning to move to a new house in Houston? Or are you planning to remodel your kitchen? Have you decided what type of décor you would like in the space? Kitchen is no longer the space meant only for cooking. It is often used for dining and socializing these days. Thus, you have to make sure that your kitchen’s décor is truly warm, welcoming and functional.

Now, selecting one particular kitchen décor is easier said than done. There are too many available options and each décor looks good in its own right. In case, you are not sure which décor style will look the best in your kitchen, you may consider going for the eclectic style. Eclectic is a term often used when home-owners cannot decide their style preference. Eclectic, when done right, emits a sense of effortless beauty and confidence. The best part is, with eclectic, you can hardly ever go wrong. It is, of course, your house and if you are not too particular about sticking to just one single style, then by all means, go for it.


Here are a few ideas that you may consider to get started with eclectic décor of your kitchen.

  • So, you like the mouldings on classic cabinets but also cannot get over the sleek designs of modern cabinetry. You don’t have to choose one particular style if you are investing in custom cabinets. Houston cabinetry designers suggest that depending on the available space in your kitchen, you can opt for flat panelled cabinets with sleek mouldings or simple cabinets with one ornate free-standing piece. Including a cabinet is also a good idea since it will provide you with more storage and counter top space.
  • Choosing the perfect finish for your cabinetry is definitely not easy. But, who says you have to choose? You can mix and match your cabinetry finishes as you can mix the designs. Coloured, distressed, stain, opaque, there are multiple types of finishes available for Wood-Mode cabinets. Houston cabinetry designers also suggest custom finishes to the home-owners, who cannot decide which conventional finish they like the most.
  • Besides experimenting with cabinetry, you can make use of rich colours on walls. Make sure to add some contrast to the base colour by choosing different shades for window frames and spice racks. Adding multi-coloured accessories like cushions, light fixtures, spice jars and vases can also brighten up the décor significantly.
  • Go for the industrial impurity of metallic bar stools. You can also have vintage chairs with mismatched cushions. The more colours, the better. If there is ample space in your kitchen, include a comfortable sofa to the seating arrangements. Add to that cushions of various size and colours and you will have a cozy little nook for entertaining guests when they are visiting.


Believe it or not, eclectic does not mean a mindless mix of various of elements of different décors. You don’t want to end up with a loud clash of multiple patterns. Most of the times, it involves a trial and error editing. Eclectic décor is an interesting spectrum of mismatched colours, patterns, textures and materials. It can be described as a personal style that you create by taking and blending the elements of your choice from different décors. If you have a clear idea about what will work well with what, you can start decorating. However, if you cannot decide which hardware will be perfect for which cabinetry or what type of rugs will compliment your wall décor, consulting a kitchen planner would be advisable. Explain your requirements and preferences to him and watch your dream kitchen come to life.