Enhanced Storage Solutions at Houston-Based Appliance Stores

As far as the custom cabinets are concerned, they are a perfect option for home decoration. Since they are customized, these cabinets are built to suit your home. This instantly makes the entire décor different from the others. If you want a kitchen remodeling, customized cabinets would be the perfect fit for it. To look for such cabinets, Houston is a place you have to visit. This is because Houston is home to plenty of appliances stores which offer stylish and top-quality cabinets at reasonable prices.

At these stores, you will get a huge variety of not only cabinets but also kitchen tools, accessories, and various other kitchen equipment which we require on a day to day basis. You will literally be spoilt for choice. All you need to do is identify which are the products you actually need daily. Depending on that, you can pick your products from these stores. You can go for ovens, cooktops, built-in refrigerators, mixers, juicers, induction cookers, and the like. You can select the shape, color and installation position of the cabinets, as per your lifestyle and daily needs.

So, explore Houston and get some of the best cabinets and kitchen accessories, which will add value to your daily life.


Go for a Kitchen Facelift with Custom Cabinets, Houston-ites!

kn sales logoEach one of us want a kitchen that is attractive and visually appealing. After all, a well-designed kitchen décor can make cooking a wonderful experience. When people go for kitchen redecoration, they plan to install custom cabinets to add a unique look. Customized cabinets can always pep up the look and beauty of a kitchen décor.


Custom cabinets come in all shapes and sizes. They are unique in designs and unmatched in shapes. Since these are customized, that is, built according to your preferences, they prove to be a class apart from the rest. Right from corner cabinets, base cabinets, fridge-top cabinets to floor-to-ceiling cabinets, each of them can be tailored according to your daily requirements and lifestyle.

If you are looking for custom cabinets, Houston is a place you must visit for endless varieties. This is a place which is home to many retailers who offer fabulous custom cabinets at really good discounts and deals. Kitchen remodeling can get a new edge with beautifully designed customized cabinets installed in there.


Apart from customized cabinets, you can also opt for interesting appliances to beautify your kitchen. Appliances such as coffee-makers, freezers, toasters, cooking vessels and ice-cream makers, are some of the kitchen appliances that you can opt for. Apart from this, you can also opt for a Sonic Ice Maker in your kitchen. If you are one of those who likes to host large gatherings and serving guests with delicious drinks, you can go for a Sonic Ice Maker.

These are the appliances which produce chunks of ice in large quantities. As opposed to standard freezers, a Sonic Ice Maker, can produce large quantities of ice-nuggets, which you can put in your cocktails and other drinks.

So, amp up your kitchen the way you want and install the most eye-catching and functional cabinets and appliances in there. A nice kitchen makeover can make life much more convenient for you.

Custom Cabinetry from Brookhaven – Enhancing Your Kitchen Space

kn sales logoAre you in trouble with kitchen remodeling? Do you feel that your kitchen décor has faded or looks dilapidated? If yes, incorporate customized Brookhaven cabinets to beautify your kitchen space. Tailored or customized Brookhaven cabinets offer added longevity, great strength and superb quality. Tailored Brookhaven cabinets are much preferred in the market because of the exclusivity which it offers to the home interior décor.

Custom-built Brookhaven cabinets increase the storage solutions in your kitchen. You can design the cabinets, in accordance with your preference. You can add warm wood tones, which add an appeal to your décor. If you are opting for maple woods for your cabinets, you can add a light stain finish, which can allow the beautiful grain patterns of the maple to show through. A stainless hood, a nice fridge along with a black countertops would add to the overall beauty of your kitchen.


You can incorporate a nice front cabinet between your microwave oven and refrigerator. This open front cabinet can be used for displaying collectibles, pottery and family heirlooms. The main attraction of the kitchen can be a kitchen island with built-in cooktop and cabinetry. Such an island offers ample counter space for keeping your vegetable tray, fruit basket, bowls, fork and spoon holder, and more. With such an island, you can experience both fun and function in the kitchen.


Let me share with you an experience:

When I was staying in my Houston apartment around two years back, my kitchen was too small and I had to remodel it to make it functional. Some of my friends suggested that custom cabinetry from the brand Brookhaven should be a great option in this case. Today, my kitchen looks pretty and functional, thanks to the custom-made Brookhaven cabinets.


So, if you, too, plan to refurbish your kitchen décor, custom-made Brookhaven cabinets are the ones that you can rely on. They will add both utility and beauty to your kitchen design.

Get a Nice Kitchen Facelift with Appliances from Thermador

Interested to revamp your kitchen? Opt for nice Thermador appliances to ease your cooking process.

With high-end performance and superb design, Thermador appliances have been synonymous with advanced technologies since the last 70 years. With revolutionary breakthroughs, Thermador is a brand which is highly coveted by many because of its wide range of interesting kitchen products. Their innovations have transformed simple kitchens into attractive cooking zones. Those of you who are passionate about cooking must incorporate Thermador appliances for their sheer brilliant designs and superb functionality.


Yes, Thermador appliances are for the demanding culinary enthusiasts. Be it convection ovens, fridges or cooktops, explore a wide range of best-in-class appliances from Thermador. For example, the exclusively designed burners from Thermador provide more flame ports for greater flame spread and reduced cold spots. Moreover, with sufficient oven space to fit big catering trays and innovative grills, preparing multi-course meals becomes easy. In addition, the cooktop ranges have three different cooking zones, which can accommodate three different people at a time. So, your guests can actively participate in cooking too, making the task of cooking much more hassle-free for you.

Basically, to prepare tasty and delicious meals, a cook needs an ultimate tool box that includes feature-rich and powerful appliances, which would support their unique cooking needs and techniques. Thermador offers a large range of appliances which would help you get just that.


Apart from installing Thermador appliances, you can also punctuate your kitchen with customized Wood-Mode cabinets. These cabinets are strong, sturdy and extremely solid. You can give your inputs, as far as shapes and designs of these cabinets are concerned. Moreover, you can also choose your favorite cabinet color and wood type, when it comes to custom-made Wood-Mode cabinets. To look for Wood-Mode cabinets, Houston is a place you must check out for varied options.

Therefore, choose your favorite kitchen appliances and cabinets and give your kitchen that much-needed makeover.

Looking for Latest Cooking Equipment? Visit Houston-based Appliance Stores for Huge Varieties!

Most of us want to equip our kitchens with some of the most useful and functional kitchen appliances. Cooking becomes much easier and quite hassle-free with advanced kitchen appliances. Cooking equipment such as microwave ovens, freezers, coffee-makers, ice-cream makers, toasters, and the like, can make life easier for us. If you are one of those who prefer modern kitchen appliances to ease up your cooking, you must visit Houston-based cooking appliance stores which offer huge varieties of appliances at affordable rates.

Most of these Houston-based stores are equipped with top-of-the-line appliances which are available at great discounts. For instance, if you someone who loves organizing parties, you can lay your hands on a Sonic Ice Maker from one of these Houston-based stores. Known for its precision, power and efficiency, an ice maker is a great addition to any kitchen, especially if you have to entertain your guests with chilled drinks and refreshments.


There are many who ask – “What more would an ice-maker do which a regular freezer cannot?” Well, I would say that if you need a good amount of freshly prepared ice, then a Sonic Ice Maker is the right option for you. Because a regular freezer would produce ice cubes from trays of water which is not going to work if you host a big party. With a regular freezer, you can come across some of the following problems:

  • If you have a large freezer containing a big ice tray, it would still be troublesome for you to produce sufficient amount of ice.
  • Regular refrigerators with chest freezer units can produce only a particular quantity of ice, which might not be fresh, and your guests might not prefer such ice.


But when it comes to a Sonic Ice Maker, it produces not only a good amount of ice, but also fresh ice nuggets which are usually preferred in drinks.

So, choose a good Houston-based appliance store and pick some of the best appliances which can help you by easing up your household chores.