Beef Up Your Kitchen With Products From Sub Zero, Houston ites!

Interested in a stylish freezer, refrigerator or a wine storage unit? Sub-Zero is a brand which is popular for taking refrigeration to another level completely. This brand is preferred by discerning home cooks across the world because of its durable and highly powerful products. What makes this brand different from the rest is its power-packed capacity to preserve food products at sub-zero temperatures without spoiling its quality. To search for products from Sub Zero, Houston is a place you should check out for options galore.


Sub-Zero refrigerators are well-known for their superb technologies and state-of-the-art features. Right from energy-saving compressor systems, refrigeration cases, shelving systems to stylish push handles, well-designed exteriors and superb finish, Sub-Zero products a cut above the others. Its improved cooling system prevents food from rotting, stinking, souring or smelling bad. The technology used to make these appliances are top-notch. Therefore, chances of these appliances getting damaged is rare.


Each of the Sub-Zero products is built with awesome designs and shapes. Be it an ice-maker, wine fridge, undercounter refrigerator, beverage center or freezer, each Sub-Zero appliance is extremely well-built and long-lasting.

With each of these Sub-Zero tools, food preservation will stand the test of time. Built and tested to the highest industry standards, these appliances from Sub-Zero are much more than refrigeration units. They improve your lifestyle. In fact, they are a way of life. They are known for food preservation with a difference. Be it fruits, drinks, meats, vegetables or dairy products, everything will be preserved well.


To add to that, built-in fridges from Sub-Zero flaunt superb finishes. You can even design it with customized panels to integrate it well with the rest of the furnishing. These panels improve the overall visual attraction of the décor. Compact designs of the Sub-Zero units fit really well with the overall flow of your home interior. This further adds a hint of plushness and sophistication.

Apart from Sub-Zero appliances, you can also select Thermador appliances for adding convenience to your cooking processes. The tools from Thermador are advanced and powerful. You can get products such as cooktops, ranges, microwaves, ovens, warming drawers, built-in coffee machines, and more, from Thermador.


Each of these is synonymous with innovation and revolutionary breakthroughs. Renowned for outstanding performance and top-of-the-line designs, the products from Thermador are extensively preferred by most discerning home cooks.

So, go ahead, redesign your kitchen with some of the best cabinets and cooking equipment, and transform your kitchen interiors in no time.


Check Out The Top 3 Exclusive Wolf Appliances Which Redefine Interior Decor

Kitchen is the most beloved corner of the house. I remember, my summer vacations spent in the kitchen trying to learn new recipes every evening. That was the time I realised my passion for cooking. And, today, I own two restaurant chains and published 3 recipe books featuring gourmet delicacies. Both at my restaurants and at home, the kitchens are decked with appliances from Wolf. Appliances of this brand offers immense functionality. It provides impeccable utility. The gadgets have added convenience to our cooking process. Thus, deck up your space with Wolf products. Here are the 3 exclusive gadgets from the brand that you must incorporate in your kitchen for an improved lifestyle:



  • Ranges: For the restaurants, I chose both dual fuel gas ovens and inductions. These work extremely well when you have to cater to a large number of customers or guests. At home, I opted for a basic gas oven with three burners and kept an induction as well. Both these have efficient power control technologies that help me regulate cooking temperatures. Thus, I suggest both of these for your home because in case of power failure, gas ovens are of immense help. Thus, opt for the designs and features which suit your budget and purpose.


  • Built-in Ovens: Configured with cutting-edge technology, built-in ovens from Wolf are simply spendid. With time, the brand has been introducing latest features for ease of use. Prepare goumet cuisines, bake palatable cakes and cookies and relish different kinds of delicacies at home. For all these, you need to install a built-in oven.


  • Specialties: Cooking sumptuous meals involve various techniques. You may need to use a fryer, grill oven, convection oven and a steamer, all at once. This is possible with specialty modules from Wolf. You have the opportunity to integrate all these within a single countertop. This would create a more customized look for the kitchen. So, enhance your kitchen’s functionality with state-of-the-art technologies.

WOLF Hence, these were the top 3 must-have kitchen gadgets from Wolf. Appliances with innovative technologies are essential for a high-end kitchen. There are many more that you can order for your home. Energize your body early morning with a freshly brewed cup of cappuccino. For this, get a coffee machine from Wolf. Coffee makers come with various features, so you can purchase according to your requirement.

So, go ahead and add glamour to your kitchen interiors like never before.

5 Essentials To Remember While Choosing Custom Cabinetry

For many, the kitchen is one of the beloved corners of the house. People cherish quality time spent at the kitchen with their family. You get to rejoice with guests and entertain them with delicious delicacies in this part of the house. Thus, its decor matters, so does its functionality. And, hence, you must opt for personalized cupboards to design it. Custom cabinetry can enrich your kitchen decor and enhance its functionality by maximizing its storage capacity to a great extent. It is always recommended by renowned interior designers, considering its many fold advantages.



A well organized decor can boost your kitchen’s storage space. Personalized cabinets provide storage capacity for every kitchen tool and equipment. Thus, helping you to organize everything. While preparing any dish, if the materials are easily accessible, you can accomplish the task more efficiently. Hence, those cupboards can enhance your kitchen’s utility.

kn sales logo But, here are 5 important things to remember before you opt for custom cabinetry:




  1. Analyze your kitchen’s layout before planning the décor. If you have a small layout, opt for designs that can make it appear airy and bright. Whereas, if you have a spacious outline, check out various design themes to give it a distinctive look. Plan it wisely before configuring your closets.


  1. Opt for superior quality materials to construct closets. Top notch wood working brands manufacture coffers with high grade plywood or particleboard. Sometimes, medium density fiber (MDF) is also used. These materials are sturdy and durable. Thus, these are just a one-time investment. You don’t have to renovate your kitchen cupboards every year, thanks to these solid wood materials.


  1. Check out various designs to construct cabinets, doors, pantries and specialties. You can customize any designs. If you have a fascination for conventional furnishing, you can definitely get it. Also, there are myriads of contemporary styles. So, you can have a glance at all the options available at a store near you and then place your order.


  1. Customize built-in appliances. Sometimes, a built-in refrigerator is much needed for a large family. If you frequently host house-parties, you might also need a built-in grill. So, order according to your requirements.


  1. Opt for marble or granite countertops. Instead of any other non-durable materials, marble or granite slabs are sturdy options for countertops. Moreover, these are classy and are excellent to enrich the décor.


Thus, once you have checked all these above-mentioned pointers, go ahead and decorate your kitchen with beautiful custom cabinetry.

Beefing Up Kitchen Space In No Time With Brookhaven Cabinets

A kitchen needs to be really good looking because that is the heart of the home. Therefore, whenever you think of redecorating your kitchen, the first thing that you should remember is buying selective kitchen cabinetry and appliances. These are the elements which can step up your kitchen to a large extent.


While choosing cabinetry, Brookhaven is a brand which you can opt for. These are cabinets or storage units which can enhance the entire look of your kitchen interiors to a great extent. When personalised, with inputs from your own, these units can be shaped and designed, as per your wish. For instance, if you want base cabinets, two or three drawers, tall cabinetry, upper cabinetry and corner cabinetry, then you can easily opt for these and personalise your kitchen décor the way you want.


To add more, you can even select the color and texture of the cabinetry. That is, if you have a small kitchen space, you can select cabinet drawers which are relatively small. Few pull out drawers, such as pull out jar racks and pull out cutlery racks, and the like. These pull outs will offer added storage space in your kitchen, without cramming up the space at all. This way, you can move around the kitchen effortlessly. Even if you have more than three or four family members who would be working in the kitchen, you will not face any difficulty with a customised kitchen décor.


The best part about selecting Brookhaven cabinets is that they last really long. Therefore, you would not have to think of replacing them anytime soon. Despite the constant contact with grease and cooking oil every day, your cabinetry from Brookhaven will remain as new as ever. The only aspect which you need to remember is cleaning those cabinetry everyday with wood-care products or dry cloths. You will find the difference immediately. The cabinetry from Brookhaven will not be damaged or ruined easily.



This apart, you can also decide on the height and length of the storage boxes. If you are around 5’3”, then you can choose storage units which are comparatively shorter in height. On the other hand, if your height is almost 5’11”, the slightly taller units would be more convenient for you. Yes, you can give all these instructions and suggestions for cabinet designing, if you custom-make them.


Apart from this, you can also opt for selective kitchen appliances and cooking equipment, to add further convenience and ease to your lifestyle. For kitchen equipment, Wolf is a brand you can reply on. Wolf appliances are known for their enhanced technology, exceptional performance and unique designs.

So, beef up your kitchen space with selected cabinetry options and appliances, and see the marked difference in no time.

Get A Breathtaking Kitchen Décor With Brookhaven Cabinets

logoInterested to step up your kitchen interiors? Brookhaven cabinets should be a great option in this case. This brand provides both fully framed and frameless cabinetry. If you are someone who prefers a conventional old-world touch to his décor, then fully framed cabinets is a wonderful option. But if you are someone who prefers a more contemporary and modern kitchen interior, then go for frameless cabinetry.


Here are few popular constructions with Brookhaven cabinetry which you can opt for:

  • Stained and painted finish – When the Brookhaven cabinets are painted and stained, they provide a visual appeal. The polish which comes out of these storage units after they are painted is unique. The units look totally gorgeous. When these are incorporated in a kitchen, the entire décor looks elegant and stylish.
  • European style – When you need to jazz up the plushness of your entire kitchen décor, then Brookhaven cabinets can also be customised to offer an European styled kitchen design.
  • Adjustable shelves – The best part about installing removable or adjustable shelves is that they increase the storage capacity of a kitchen. That is, when you want to store an kitchen tool, such as a big food tin or a can, you can remove one of these adjustable shelves and make space for the product. When you do not need enough storage space, you can easily reinstall the shelf back to its position.
  • Under-mount drawer slides – These are hidden slides which can be easily pulled out when you need to store kitchen accessories like a skewer, spoons, spatulas or measuring cups. They are soft closing drawers which can be smoothly pulled out and slide in without any unwanted stops.



With the aforementioned kitchen décor ideas, you can literally transform your kitchen space into a gorgeous one. If you want to go ahead with the above mentioned décor options, you can sit with your cabinetmakers, consult with them and accordingly get such designs made.

Customized cabinets are the best to add a zing to a kitchen décor. They can be built and designed as per your suggestions and inputs. Therefore, your kitchen interiors will automatically become more glamorous and eye-catching. Moreover, the moment you add your own personal touch to the décor, your kitchen becomes even more dramatic and awe-inspiring.

To look for top-tier Brookhaven custom cabinets, Houston is a place you need to visit for sure. This is a place which is well-known for a diverse gamut of cabinetry, offered by hundreds of cabinet sellers, at reasonable prices.

Time To Upgrade Your Existing Appliances To Thermador Or Wolf Appliances

It is important to enhance the utility and the usability of your kitchen. And one of the best ways that you can do that is by installing Wolf appliances in your kitchen. This is a brand which is known for its best-in-class products which offer unmatched efficiency, high-end power and precision. These products help you prepare the dish you always wanted to bring to the table, that too, in an easy and trouble-free way. These products are known for redefining a kitchen décor too.

Yes, apart from offering unparalleled service, appliances from Wolf also add a zing to the décor. The smart designs and smart shapes of these products add a different touch to a kitchen interior. All of these products boast of sleek designs and awesome shapes. As a result, your overall kitchen design will improve and look attractive.

Also, the immense benefit that you will get from these products is huge. Microwaves, built-in ovens, cooktops, rangetops, outdoor grills and other special purpose units, offer superb performance and excellent durability.

Not only Wolf, even Thermador products offer superb functionality and service. Much like Wolf, this is another brand which is also synonymous with breakthrough technologies and revolutionary built. The culinary enthusiasts, all across the globe, are highly inspired by Thermador because of their state-of-the-art product technologies, exceptional services and exciting upgrades, which make cooking with Thermador appliances, much easier.

So, enhance the functionality of your kitchen with classy appliances and improve your lifestyle like never before.

Renew Your Kitchen With Unique Custom Cabinets, Houston ites!

logoThinking of a nice kitchen revamp sometime soon because you have a big anniversary celebration coming up in few months? Customised cabinets should be the best option in this case. These are the types of cabinets which make your kitchen gorgeous and add a dash of personality to the décor.


When you custom-make the various storage units in your kitchen, your kitchen becomes even more stunning and exclusive. In fact, they fit well with the rest of your décor too. For example, if you have a small kitchen layout, what you can do is you can order to smaller sized drawers and special purpose units, which enhance the storage space without creating any space shortage in your kitchen. You can ask your cabinet manufacturer to build pull out drawers and racks in your small kitchen. These can prove to be great storage ideas for you. On the other hand, if you have a nice and spacious kitchen layout, you can incorporate big storage units for keeping different kinds of appliances such as an oven, tea-maker, sandwich maker, etc. You can also install upper cabinetry for keeping big jars and food packets.

All in all, customised storage units should be a great value addition for your kitchen. If you are interested to opt for custom cabinets, Houston is a place you should surely visit for options galore.

Enhanced Storage Solutions at Houston-Based Appliance Stores


At Houston, you will come across talented craftsmen and cabinet sellers who offer fantastic storage units and tailor-made cabinetry, at attractive deals. Some of the top-tier cabinet brands which these retailers sell include Wood-Mode and Brookhaven. Both these brands are well-known for offering the strong and long-lasting products. Their cabinetry boasts of distinctive finish, unmatched strength, attractive wood burls, beautiful polish and attractive customised shapes and sizes. Therefore, many discerning home owners prefer to use either of these aforementioned brands, purely because of their top quality products. Your kitchen will look absolutely awe-inspiring and eye-catching, when branded cabinetry such as these are installed.


In addition, you will experience an ease of work and improved utility in your kitchen, with such storage solutions. You will also be able to keep your kitchen neat and organised. Your kitchen will appear much more visually appealing and unique.

If you are interested to buy Brookhaven or Wood-Mode cabinets, Houston is the place you should definitely visit. This place is the home to many retailers who offer different types of cabinetry and storage options at affordable prices and great discounts.