Here Are 3 Embellishments For Your Custom Cabinets, Houston-ites!

I am a passionate interior designer by profession. Hence, people look up to my home décor for inspiration. I cannot compromise with it. Thus, I get the best things to dress up my home, especially the kitchen. My guests have always admired my cook-house. It has inspired many to design their cookshack. In all these years of my career, I have noticed, most clients, when they contact me, are confused about designing the kitchen. I believe it to be the heart of the home and people pay special attention to its functionality.  How you design your kitchen determines its functionality! Thus, the décor is definitely the most important part. Your cook-house should be decked in such a way that it has enough storage capacity to let you organise all your kitchen appliances, tools and equipment. And, the best possible solution for this, is to install custom cabinets. Houston is a bustling city with plenty of stores showcasing personalised cabinetry. You can drop in to these brick-and-mortar retail outlets to gather an idea on how can you pep up your kitchen décor. There are various ways to embellish it. Here are a few suggestions by me to help you dress up your kitchen cupboards:


  1. Add corbels: Corbels are medium sized wooden chunks carved with intricate designs. These are highly attractive and provide an old-world charm to the décor. These are usually placed to support overhanging ledges. Often these are used as shelf brackets. Thus, corbels are fine pieces of art with a traditional appeal, designed to jazz up your cook-house.
  1. Add Backsplashes: Backsplashes are placed behind the cooktop to easily wipe off the grease spilled while cooking. At times, these are also placed behind the sink to clean up dirt spilled while cleaning. Now, there is a myriad of designs offered in backsplashes. You can choose the ones that perfectly suit your cookshack ornamentation. Tiles and mosaic are popular choices. These provide a glossy appeal to the area and are great decorative pieces to pep up the interiors.
  1. Opt for textured glass-door cabinets: It is always advised to opt for more than one material to construct your cabinets. Do not stick to wooden cabinets only since these may make your cookshack appear dull and gloomy. Instead, opt for glass doors for a particular line of cabinets. This helps to break the monotony of the décor and makes the place look bright and beautiful. Use textured glass for construction to provide your kitchen cabinets a distinctive embellishment.


Thus, these are the 3 most effective ways to embellish your kitchen’s custom cabinets. Houston is definitely the place to check out some the most attractive kitchen designs and accessories.


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