Add Sheer Brilliance To Your Kitchen Décor With Amazing Custom Cabinetry

Wonderfully crafted custom cabinetry can totally change a kitchen interior. Whether you are starting your kitchen design from scratch or revamping an existing kitchen to improve its décor, custom cabinetmakers can work with you and help you design the décor, keeping note of your needs and budget.


Custom-built storage boxes come in a vast range of awesome shapes and breathtaking designs. As against stock cabinets or ready-made cabinetry, personalized cabinetry can be built to suit your specific needs and lifestyle. You can add your own personal touch to make these boxes very appealing and attractive. You can have umpteen options on finish, style, wood type and hardware, to ideally suit your overall home interiors. Mentioned below are some of the advantages which you can enjoy if you choose tailor-built cabinetry:

  • Does Not Waste Space: You can capitalize on every inch of your kitchen area. Whenever you feel the need to use a specific kitchen space, you can ask your cabinetmaker to design a cabinetry for that specific area. This way, neither will you find the storage boxes becoming a misfit nor will you find them creating a space crunch.
  • Ensures Brilliant Craftsmanship: Tailor-built or made-to-order storage units are solid and sturdy. They are designed by skilled craftsmen who use dovetail joints, mortise-and-tenons as well as dowels. As against storage units which are made with short-lived glues and nails, personalized boxes are built with top-notch materials that are meant to last really long.
  • Allows Unlimited Alterations and Modifications: The best part about going for customized storage units is that you need not be restricted to just a few specific cabinet shapes or sizes. You can go for limitless modifications and changes, as per your needs. If you specifically want furniture feet, chamfering, corbels or turnings, consult with any cabinetmaker and go for fully customized cabinetry.
  • Offers Environment-friendliness: Cabinets which are produced in mass are usually made with poor quality woods. Nevertheless, when you opt for a personalized cabinetry, you can be assured of the type of wood used. In fact, you can also choose the wood type yourself from varieties such as maple, oak, pine and alder. These woods are renewable, biodegradable, non-toxic and recyclable.

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So, keeping a tab of the above-mentioned pointers, you can easily opt for an exclusively designed kitchen layout. At Houston, you will come across a large array of cabinet and appliance stores, which offer classic as well as modernistic cabinet designs and shapes, that too, at reasonable prices.


5 Essentials To Remember While Choosing Custom Cabinetry

For many, the kitchen is one of the beloved corners of the house. People cherish quality time spent at the kitchen with their family. You get to rejoice with guests and entertain them with delicious delicacies in this part of the house. Thus, its decor matters, so does its functionality. And, hence, you must opt for personalized cupboards to design it. Custom cabinetry can enrich your kitchen decor and enhance its functionality by maximizing its storage capacity to a great extent. It is always recommended by renowned interior designers, considering its many fold advantages.



A well organized decor can boost your kitchen’s storage space. Personalized cabinets provide storage capacity for every kitchen tool and equipment. Thus, helping you to organize everything. While preparing any dish, if the materials are easily accessible, you can accomplish the task more efficiently. Hence, those cupboards can enhance your kitchen’s utility.

kn sales logo But, here are 5 important things to remember before you opt for custom cabinetry:




  1. Analyze your kitchen’s layout before planning the décor. If you have a small layout, opt for designs that can make it appear airy and bright. Whereas, if you have a spacious outline, check out various design themes to give it a distinctive look. Plan it wisely before configuring your closets.


  1. Opt for superior quality materials to construct closets. Top notch wood working brands manufacture coffers with high grade plywood or particleboard. Sometimes, medium density fiber (MDF) is also used. These materials are sturdy and durable. Thus, these are just a one-time investment. You don’t have to renovate your kitchen cupboards every year, thanks to these solid wood materials.


  1. Check out various designs to construct cabinets, doors, pantries and specialties. You can customize any designs. If you have a fascination for conventional furnishing, you can definitely get it. Also, there are myriads of contemporary styles. So, you can have a glance at all the options available at a store near you and then place your order.


  1. Customize built-in appliances. Sometimes, a built-in refrigerator is much needed for a large family. If you frequently host house-parties, you might also need a built-in grill. So, order according to your requirements.


  1. Opt for marble or granite countertops. Instead of any other non-durable materials, marble or granite slabs are sturdy options for countertops. Moreover, these are classy and are excellent to enrich the décor.


Thus, once you have checked all these above-mentioned pointers, go ahead and decorate your kitchen with beautiful custom cabinetry.

Explore Houston based Appliance Stores For The Best Kitchen Picks

Are you interested in power-packed cooking tools? Or are you more willing to incorporate stylish appliances? Or both? Well, if you are interested to get the best of both, then it is advisable that you get some of the top notch appliances from Houston. This is a place which is home to many retailers who offer reasonably priced appliances, which look great too.


At Houston, you will come across retailers who provide some of the best quality appliances, which boast of superb functionality and high-end technology. At these appliance stores, you will find a wide range of cooking tools and equipment, which not only can step up a kitchen décor but can add to your convenience and kitchen functionality too.

Day to day household chores become easy with the right kind of cooking appliances in your kitchen. For example, if you order a good quality mixer, you will find that grinding spices, vegetables and fruits, has become much easier and hassle-free. If you have kids who love their sandwiches, then a good quality sandwich maker would be really great for you. In fact, you will find that your sandwiches have come out well and you could grill it just the way you wanted, without any trouble. Even advanced microwave ovens would be great additions in your kitchen. These can help you prepare different kinds of meals, they can help you roast your meat well and reheat left over food without spoiling the taste or the nutrition of it.

At Houston, you will come across appliance stores selling all of the above and more. In addition to that, you will also come across shops selling custom cabinetry, at Houston. You can pick the retailer who is offering the most budget friendly rate for customized cabinets. You can consult with the retailers and cabinet manufacturers of these stores, give your inputs on how you want the storage units to be designed for your kitchen, and then go ahead with the execution of the plan. This way, it becomes easy for you to remodel your kitchen. After all, a kitchen redesigned with custom-made cabinets can instantly pep up the décor. It can make your kitchen appear unique and classy.

Both cabinets as well as top-notch cooking tools can ease up your daily tasks in your kitchen. It can make cooking a trouble-free experience for you. Great cabinetry options can also offer some of the best storage ideas which can improve the utility of your kitchen to a great extent.

Do You Want A Luxurious Kitchen? 7 Ways To Get It With Custom Cabinetry

We often come across luxurious kitchen designs that inspire us. We fantasize an expensive décor for our kitchen. But, most of the time, we don’t know how to get started with it. Or, sometimes budget is a constraint.  Well, all you need is custom cabinetry for your kitchen to make it look lavish without spending a fortune over it. In addition, if your kitchen has a spacious layout, custom cabinetry can transform it to an opulent one. Be it design, color or material – you can customize each element of your kitchen cabinets to make it look luxurious.

Custom cabinetry is the personalized usage of every available space in your kitchen to enhance storage capacity. Moreover, customized cabinets can give your kitchen any desired décor.

So, here are 7 interesting ways to get a luxurious kitchen décor with custom cabinetry:


  1. Material: Top-notch brands like, Wood-Mode and Brookhaven Cabinetry build cabinets with finest quality wood, glass or steel. So, choose these brands to ensure quality and durability of your cabinets. They will also give your kitchen a luxurious appeal.


  1. Color: Experiment with colors. Lighter shades and neutrals are commonly used. You may give your kitchen island cabinetry a splash of red for the grand look. Also, paint the glass-door cabinet interiors bright colors. This will give them a rich appeal.


  1. Creative storage spaces: With custom cabinetry, you can experiment with doors and drawers of your own choice. How about a designer wine rack drawer or tray dividers for baking sheets? You can get a chance to showcase your creative best with such customized units.


  1. Corbels: Corbels can enhance the architectural embellishments of your kitchen. They are essentially used as shelf brackets or to support overhanging ledges. Available in exquisite designs and shapes, corbels are highly recommended for a luxurious kitchen décor.


  1. Crown molding: It adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen’s decor. Crown molding is used to fill-up small gaps between the wall cabinets and ceiling.


  1. Decorative legs: Enhance the richness of your kitchen’s décor with designer table legs. They are stylish and decorative. Place them in your kitchen’s island cabinets as countertop support or give your wall cabinetry a furniture-style appeal with decorative legs.


  1. End Panels: For the finishing touch, add matching panels to your cabinet ends. Decorative end panels add detail to the cabinets giving it a furniture-style look.


Along with these, get the latest kitchen appliances. Go for popular brands and choose from a wide range of cooktops, refrigerators, microwaves, ventilation hoods, dishwashers and other countertop appliances. Thus, custom cabinetry offers you enough scope to create a lavish kitchen décor within your budget.

Custom Cabinetry from Brookhaven – Enhancing Your Kitchen Space

kn sales logoAre you in trouble with kitchen remodeling? Do you feel that your kitchen décor has faded or looks dilapidated? If yes, incorporate customized Brookhaven cabinets to beautify your kitchen space. Tailored or customized Brookhaven cabinets offer added longevity, great strength and superb quality. Tailored Brookhaven cabinets are much preferred in the market because of the exclusivity which it offers to the home interior décor.

Custom-built Brookhaven cabinets increase the storage solutions in your kitchen. You can design the cabinets, in accordance with your preference. You can add warm wood tones, which add an appeal to your décor. If you are opting for maple woods for your cabinets, you can add a light stain finish, which can allow the beautiful grain patterns of the maple to show through. A stainless hood, a nice fridge along with a black countertops would add to the overall beauty of your kitchen.


You can incorporate a nice front cabinet between your microwave oven and refrigerator. This open front cabinet can be used for displaying collectibles, pottery and family heirlooms. The main attraction of the kitchen can be a kitchen island with built-in cooktop and cabinetry. Such an island offers ample counter space for keeping your vegetable tray, fruit basket, bowls, fork and spoon holder, and more. With such an island, you can experience both fun and function in the kitchen.


Let me share with you an experience:

When I was staying in my Houston apartment around two years back, my kitchen was too small and I had to remodel it to make it functional. Some of my friends suggested that custom cabinetry from the brand Brookhaven should be a great option in this case. Today, my kitchen looks pretty and functional, thanks to the custom-made Brookhaven cabinets.


So, if you, too, plan to refurbish your kitchen décor, custom-made Brookhaven cabinets are the ones that you can rely on. They will add both utility and beauty to your kitchen design.

Which Factors To Consider When Buying A Wine fridge For Your Home

Is the wine in your fridge taking up a bit too much space for your liking? This means you are having to choose whether you want to store a bottle of red wine or white wine or a carton of milk. May be it is time for you to give the wine its own home. A wine fridge is all you need to stack your wine bottles properly at the right temperature. Whether you are buying the fridge because there is not enough space to store them in your refrigerator or because you would like to store some wine more than the twenty-four hours that you usually do after purchasing, know that buying a wine fridge is not exactly easy. It can seem even more difficult if you have no experience in buying wine fridges.


There are few factors that you can consider, to ensure that you are buying the right wine fridge for your home.


Capacity – Determine how many bottles of wine you want to store now and how your wine collection may grow in the future. Generally homeowners search for fridges that would help them to store under fifty or so bottles. If that is the kind of fridge you are looking for, know that you have two options. There are:

  • Fridges that have compressors like kitchen fridges do
  • Fridges that are ‘silent’ and are thermoelectric.

If you are fond of collecting wines, it would be wise to buy a bigger fridge than what you need right now. If you want to stick to a minimal budget, invest in a bigger fridge than going for the bells and whistles like glass door and sliding shelves.

Location – Do you intend to put the fridge in the living room or in the kitchen? No matter where you plan to put the fridge, consider investing in a custom cabinet for it. Custom cabinetry can make the appliance look like a stand-alone furniture, adding to the aesthetic appeal of the room. Ensure that the cabinet is front and back ventilated. There must be some space left for air circulation in order for the wine cabinet to work properly.

Size and shape – Wine fridges are available in various sizes but have some basic form-factors.

  • The ones that can hold twenty bottles typically go on top of counters.
  • The ones that can hold between twenty to sixty bottles can be kept under counters.
  • Larger fridges that can store over seventy bottles can be kept as free-standing appliances.


Some fridges are cabinet-style, tall and narrow and others have console style, wide and wide and half-height. Once you know where you are going to put the fridge, it will be easier to choose the style.

Wines are sensitive to fluctuating temperatures, light and humidity. By storing them in a wine fridge, you know that you are keeping them at an ideal and constant temperature. While keeping them in a cupboard can make them taste too dried out, your kitchen refrigerator is too cold and not humid enough. Keeping the above factors in mind can make the process of choosing the right wine fridge much easier.

Custom Cabinetry – Giving an Edge to Your Kitchen Interiors

As far as custom-made cabinets are concerned, these can amplify the look of your entire home décor to a large extent. As against ready-made cabinets, that come at a standard shape and size, custom-built cabinets are tailored to suit specific requirements. That is, these can be constructed to suit your kitchen area, bedroom, dining area, living room, and more.


If you are interested to amp up the look of your kitchen, customized Brookhaven cabinets would be a great option for you. Find inspiration for your dream home with tailor-made cabinets for your kitchen. You can opt for a customized cabinet for your juicer, toaster, tea-maker, oven, and more. You will be able to keep your kitchen neat and clean this way. Your cooking instruments will not be littered or scattered all over. You will be able to keep each and every cooking appliance inside these cabinets, thereby, preventing unnecessary mess.

If you are looking for custom cabinetry, Houston is a place you should check out because it is home to hundreds of retailers who offer these cabinets at great discounts and deals. Customized Brookhaven cabinets are widely preferred by people all over the globe because of their top-notch quality.

Listed below are few pointers which you should keep in mind if you plan to install tailor-made Brookhaven cabinets.


  • Use top quality wood-care products: To clean your kitchen cabinets, you need products which would ensure better cleaning without damaging the cabinets. There are plenty of wood-care products available in the market, and you should select only those which ensure better cleaning.
  • Use dry cloth: If there is a blotch, a mark or a spot on the cabinets, take a clean cloth, dampen it in soapy water solution a little and wipe off the mark. But, do not forget to use a clean dry cloth, right after. This would remove the moisture from over the cabinets and keep them damage-free. Also, never rub the cabinets in a harsh manner. This would ruin the shine of the cabinets.
  • Never use steel wools or powders: Steel wools, powders or sand paper might completely spoil the cabinet surface. In fact, these will permanently damage the cabinets, so avoid using these while cleaning your cabinets.
  • Refinish drawer knobs: Due to regular usage, you might find your cabinet drawer knobs discoloring or fading. At such a juncture, the best way to get their original sheen is by refinishing them.


Apart from keeping the aforementioned factors in mind, you should also note that custom-made Brookhaven cabinets can be tailored, as per your preferred color and texture. That is, if your kitchen walls are dark mauve in color, you can opt for light cream color cabinets. On the other hand, if your kitchen walls are beige in color, you can go for dark wooden colored cabinets. Also, you can hand pick the woods yourself. Oak, maple, pine, cherry, alder – the variety is endless. All you need is the right pick which would suit your overall décor.

All in all, if you are interested in Brookhaven cabinets, tailor-make it to add a touch of exclusivity to your kitchen interiors.