Check Out 3 Interesting Ways to Glam up your kitchen with Wood-Mode Cabinets, Houston-ites

The kitchen is the most special corner of the house for me. I am a gourmet cuisine aficionado and own two restaurants in Houston. I am very passionate about cooking. Thus, the kitchen and its décor are of immense importance to me. Wherever I travel, I try to collect decorative ideas to ornate my cookhouse. We start our day with the family at the breakfast table, so the décor of the place should be very refreshing. Also, the décor of the place should uplift your dull mood after a hectic day. Hence, your cookshack designing needs your dedicated time and proper planning. Here are 3 interesting ways to stylize your cookshack:


  1. Explore Unconventional Cabinet Designs: To pep up your kitchen décor opt for custom cabinets. Houston is a popular city where you can check out retail outlets to get your cookhouse cupboards completely personalized. There are 3 types of cabinets available in the market. These are namely stock chests, semi-custom cabinets and customized cabinetry. Now, interior designers always suggest to choose customized one considering its multiple benefits. If the best woodworking brand is to be named, then it is always Wood-Mode Cabinets. Houston has ample of Wood-mode dealers. So getting your cookshack cupboards personalized from the brand is absolutely hassle-free. Wood-Mode offers various unconventional designs to configure your cabinets boxes, drawers, pantries and specialties. Explore those to select the ones which attract your attention. Check out roll-out closets, pull-out styles, turn-out cabinets, undercounter construction and more.
  2. Opt for Themed Décor: Wood-mode is reputed for its specialized themed kitchen décor ideas. Give your kitchen a distinctive look with themed designs. Themes are perfect to uplift the cookhouse styling. Explore an array of design themes at a Wood-mode store near you. Choose from a wide range of classic American themes, European designs and contemporary expressions.
  1. Embellish the Cupboards: Once your cupboards are installed opt for more detailing with conventional embellishments. You can go for corbels, crown moldings, valances, end panels, decorative legs, toe kicks and more. These are intricate works of art made of wooden chunks by skilled craftsmen to provide a distinctive décor. These feature exquisite designs and finesse. Thus, embellish the kitchen to make it look more glamorous.


Thus, these are the 3 most interesting ways to dress up your kitchen with Wood-Mode cabinets. Houston is indeed a vivacious city where there are several retail outlets of the reputed woodworking brand. Check out the ones near you to order customized designs for your kitchen.


Renew Your Kitchen With Unique Custom Cabinets, Houston ites!

logoThinking of a nice kitchen revamp sometime soon because you have a big anniversary celebration coming up in few months? Customised cabinets should be the best option in this case. These are the types of cabinets which make your kitchen gorgeous and add a dash of personality to the décor.


When you custom-make the various storage units in your kitchen, your kitchen becomes even more stunning and exclusive. In fact, they fit well with the rest of your décor too. For example, if you have a small kitchen layout, what you can do is you can order to smaller sized drawers and special purpose units, which enhance the storage space without creating any space shortage in your kitchen. You can ask your cabinet manufacturer to build pull out drawers and racks in your small kitchen. These can prove to be great storage ideas for you. On the other hand, if you have a nice and spacious kitchen layout, you can incorporate big storage units for keeping different kinds of appliances such as an oven, tea-maker, sandwich maker, etc. You can also install upper cabinetry for keeping big jars and food packets.

All in all, customised storage units should be a great value addition for your kitchen. If you are interested to opt for custom cabinets, Houston is a place you should surely visit for options galore.

Enhanced Storage Solutions at Houston-Based Appliance Stores


At Houston, you will come across talented craftsmen and cabinet sellers who offer fantastic storage units and tailor-made cabinetry, at attractive deals. Some of the top-tier cabinet brands which these retailers sell include Wood-Mode and Brookhaven. Both these brands are well-known for offering the strong and long-lasting products. Their cabinetry boasts of distinctive finish, unmatched strength, attractive wood burls, beautiful polish and attractive customised shapes and sizes. Therefore, many discerning home owners prefer to use either of these aforementioned brands, purely because of their top quality products. Your kitchen will look absolutely awe-inspiring and eye-catching, when branded cabinetry such as these are installed.


In addition, you will experience an ease of work and improved utility in your kitchen, with such storage solutions. You will also be able to keep your kitchen neat and organised. Your kitchen will appear much more visually appealing and unique.

If you are interested to buy Brookhaven or Wood-Mode cabinets, Houston is the place you should definitely visit. This place is the home to many retailers who offer different types of cabinetry and storage options at affordable prices and great discounts.

Redo Your Kitchen with Awe-Inspiring and Lovely Wood-Mode Cabinets, Houston-ites!

A kitchen needs regular maintenance. Otherwise, it looks dilapidated. And a faded or discolored kitchen can spoil the overall appearance of your home décor. So, dusting and cleaning your kitchen shelves, cabinets and accessories, is very important. This apart, you also need to ensure that a kitchen is decorated really well. To build or redo a good kitchen, you can install Wood-Mode cabinets. Houston is a place you must visit for some of the best quality kitchen cabinets in the market. This place is home to many retailers who sell kitchen cabinets at good deals and very affordable rates.


Pick up the best cabinets at the most suitable deal and use them in your kitchen. Wood-Mode cabinets are known for their top-notch quality, longevity and great designs. They boast of smart shapes, great colors and awesome looks. Moreover, the polish and the finish of these cabinets are well-known among people. In fact, there are many who primarily select Wood-Mode cabinets because of their excellent finish.

Wood-Mode cabinets are strong and sturdy too. The type of woods which are used for making these cabinets are maple, cherry, pine, oak and alder. Each of these woods is extremely solid. Therefore, chances are that these cabinets will not be spoiled or damaged easily.

You can choose fridge-top cabinets, floor-to-ceiling cabinets or even corner cabinets. If your kitchen is too small, opt for pull out racks. These can offer enhanced storage space and yet they do not take up much kitchen area. Cabinet drawers like pull out bottle racks and pull out trash cans can be really useful for kitchens of any size.


Add a personal touch to your kitchen décor by opting for colors which perfectly fit your décor. Do not go for colors which make your kitchen appear too small suffocated. Select colors which make the kitchen décor open and spacious.

If you are looking for cabinets from big brands like Wood-Mode, Houston is the place to be. There are large varieties of appliance stores in Houston, which sell fantastic kitchen tools at great prices. While remodeling your kitchen décor, you can pick up your preferred items from here as well.


However, remember to pick appliances which you would need daily. There is no point buying kitchen tools which would not be required by you ever. Such appliances will occupy kitchen space unnecessarily.

So, add a drama to your kitchen interiors with classy cabinets and top-of-the-line appliances. And make your kitchen useful and even more functional.

Get a Nice Kitchen Facelift with Appliances from Thermador

Interested to revamp your kitchen? Opt for nice Thermador appliances to ease your cooking process.

With high-end performance and superb design, Thermador appliances have been synonymous with advanced technologies since the last 70 years. With revolutionary breakthroughs, Thermador is a brand which is highly coveted by many because of its wide range of interesting kitchen products. Their innovations have transformed simple kitchens into attractive cooking zones. Those of you who are passionate about cooking must incorporate Thermador appliances for their sheer brilliant designs and superb functionality.


Yes, Thermador appliances are for the demanding culinary enthusiasts. Be it convection ovens, fridges or cooktops, explore a wide range of best-in-class appliances from Thermador. For example, the exclusively designed burners from Thermador provide more flame ports for greater flame spread and reduced cold spots. Moreover, with sufficient oven space to fit big catering trays and innovative grills, preparing multi-course meals becomes easy. In addition, the cooktop ranges have three different cooking zones, which can accommodate three different people at a time. So, your guests can actively participate in cooking too, making the task of cooking much more hassle-free for you.

Basically, to prepare tasty and delicious meals, a cook needs an ultimate tool box that includes feature-rich and powerful appliances, which would support their unique cooking needs and techniques. Thermador offers a large range of appliances which would help you get just that.


Apart from installing Thermador appliances, you can also punctuate your kitchen with customized Wood-Mode cabinets. These cabinets are strong, sturdy and extremely solid. You can give your inputs, as far as shapes and designs of these cabinets are concerned. Moreover, you can also choose your favorite cabinet color and wood type, when it comes to custom-made Wood-Mode cabinets. To look for Wood-Mode cabinets, Houston is a place you must check out for varied options.

Therefore, choose your favorite kitchen appliances and cabinets and give your kitchen that much-needed makeover.

How To Get An Eclectic Decor In Your Kitchen With Mismatched Chairs And Custom Cabinets; Houston Homeowners Take Note

Are you planning to move to a new house in Houston? Or are you planning to remodel your kitchen? Have you decided what type of décor you would like in the space? Kitchen is no longer the space meant only for cooking. It is often used for dining and socializing these days. Thus, you have to make sure that your kitchen’s décor is truly warm, welcoming and functional.

Now, selecting one particular kitchen décor is easier said than done. There are too many available options and each décor looks good in its own right. In case, you are not sure which décor style will look the best in your kitchen, you may consider going for the eclectic style. Eclectic is a term often used when home-owners cannot decide their style preference. Eclectic, when done right, emits a sense of effortless beauty and confidence. The best part is, with eclectic, you can hardly ever go wrong. It is, of course, your house and if you are not too particular about sticking to just one single style, then by all means, go for it.


Here are a few ideas that you may consider to get started with eclectic décor of your kitchen.

  • So, you like the mouldings on classic cabinets but also cannot get over the sleek designs of modern cabinetry. You don’t have to choose one particular style if you are investing in custom cabinets. Houston cabinetry designers suggest that depending on the available space in your kitchen, you can opt for flat panelled cabinets with sleek mouldings or simple cabinets with one ornate free-standing piece. Including a cabinet is also a good idea since it will provide you with more storage and counter top space.
  • Choosing the perfect finish for your cabinetry is definitely not easy. But, who says you have to choose? You can mix and match your cabinetry finishes as you can mix the designs. Coloured, distressed, stain, opaque, there are multiple types of finishes available for Wood-Mode cabinets. Houston cabinetry designers also suggest custom finishes to the home-owners, who cannot decide which conventional finish they like the most.
  • Besides experimenting with cabinetry, you can make use of rich colours on walls. Make sure to add some contrast to the base colour by choosing different shades for window frames and spice racks. Adding multi-coloured accessories like cushions, light fixtures, spice jars and vases can also brighten up the décor significantly.
  • Go for the industrial impurity of metallic bar stools. You can also have vintage chairs with mismatched cushions. The more colours, the better. If there is ample space in your kitchen, include a comfortable sofa to the seating arrangements. Add to that cushions of various size and colours and you will have a cozy little nook for entertaining guests when they are visiting.


Believe it or not, eclectic does not mean a mindless mix of various of elements of different décors. You don’t want to end up with a loud clash of multiple patterns. Most of the times, it involves a trial and error editing. Eclectic décor is an interesting spectrum of mismatched colours, patterns, textures and materials. It can be described as a personal style that you create by taking and blending the elements of your choice from different décors. If you have a clear idea about what will work well with what, you can start decorating. However, if you cannot decide which hardware will be perfect for which cabinetry or what type of rugs will compliment your wall décor, consulting a kitchen planner would be advisable. Explain your requirements and preferences to him and watch your dream kitchen come to life.

How To Get The Modern Look For Your Kitchen With Wood Mode Cabinets; Houston Residents Take Note

The kitchen has evolved considerably over the years. It has gone from being a simple space meant for cooking to a space where family members gather after a long day to dine and relax. A lot of time is spared to ensure the decor of the kitchen is functional, warm and welcoming.  When it comes to kitchen decors, ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’ are two terms that are heard very often nowadays. Houston cabinetry designers say that it can be hard to distinguish between ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’, especially for those home-owners, who have limited knowledge about cabinetry styles. Contemporary typically means current or of the moment. It refers to the designs trends that belong to that moment.


Modern, on the other hand, can be a tricky term. Most of the time, it refers to a specific design style that emerged during early 20th century. The style broke the conventional idea of ornamental kitchen decor that was popular before the Industrial Revolution. Modern can sometimes also refer to describe any kitchen decor that is opposite of traditional, which may vary depending on current trends. Modern kitchens usually feature frameless cabinets, simple hardware, strong lines and lack of ornamentation.


Flat-panel door style – Flat-panel door is sometimes referred to as the slab-door style. As the name suggests, these panels are flat and feature strong lines. These strong lines emphasize consistency in designs. This chic twist on traditional Shaker style doors adds a sense of warmth to the decor. There can be unique features like notched frames and beaded center panels on the doors but none of them feature heavy detailing.

Frameless, full-overlay cabinetry – There are many terms that are used to describe this type of cabinetry, for example – frameless, Euro frameless, overlay, full overlay. They all mean the same thing though, that the cabinet door overlays the edges of the cabinet box. Since, this style is sleeker than flush-inset cabinetry, it is preferred by those, who are looking for clean and simple decor. One can go for overlay designs in Wood-Mode cabinets. Houston cabinetry designers opine that full-overlay cabinets are much sleeker than flush-inset cabinets, which are associated with more traditional kitchen decors.

Lack of ornamentation – Modern kitchens usually have C-channel hardware which are integrated into the cabinet. Tubular pulls and flat linear pulls are also widely used. Modern kitchens do not have ornate detailing, any pattern or veining. Simple hardware often accentuate horizontal lines of cabinets by running the full length of doors and drawers.

Cutting-edge appliances – Modern kitchens have sleek appliances. Most people prefer to go for stainless steel finishes for their modern kitchens. Brands like Thermador and Bosch are favored by modern homeowners. One may also go for colored appliances, provided they complement the kitchen’s color scheme. Much emphasis is given on the energy-efficiency of the appliances. Energy-efficient appliances not only help to save one considerably on power bills over the years but are also the environmentally-friendlier options.


kn sales logoOne may think that the decor of a modern kitchen would seem a bit plain due to the lack of ornamentation. However, that is not the case. Modern kitchens rely heavily on the beauty of natural materials to accentuate the beauty of the decor. The veining of marble used for countertops, vases of flowers and bowls of fruits add natural warmth to the setting and make the space look livelier.

Are You in Houston? Appliances & Cabinets of Various Categories Will Be Available Here

Planning to refurbish your kitchen décor? If yes, then Wood-Mode cabinets should be an option which you would love to go with. This is primarily because of the strong built and the superb finish which Wood-Mode cabinets boast of. These are the cabinets which are absolutely durable and solid. In fact, when customized, these cabinets boast of unique designs and style, which ready-made cabinets hardly offer.


A nice kitchen overhaul with tailor-made Wood-Mode cabinets can significantly change the look and feel of a kitchen décor. These cabinets can add a touch of panache and style to an otherwise ordinary kitchen design. Therefore, customized cabinets are a common favorite among all. These cabinets can completely transform a kitchen design. They can make a décor appear stunning, gorgeous and make it highly functional as well. To look for such cabinet options or products for home remodeling, Houston is a place one must check out. This is a place which is home to many retailers who offer customized Wood-Mode cabinets at affordable rates. You can easily opt for these cabinets when it comes to an overall kitchen or home remodeling.


Very recently, I went to a friend’s place, and I saw her kitchen remodeled with Wood-Mode cabinets. It was brilliantly designed. My friend, Nancy, incorporated kitchen shelves, cabinets, island and the countertop, which were absolutely clean. Each and every cabinet was made in a completely unique way. This made her kitchen absolutely exclusive and elegant. I was totally taken aback with her kitchen decoration. The kitchen wall colors were cream in color, and her kitchen cabinets were chocolate brown. This offered a wonderful color combination. She even decorated her kitchen with fantastic kitchen appliances. Some of these appliances included:

  • Microwave oven: This is highly functional kitchen appliances which can help you cook efficiently within a short span of time. If your kitchen is small, there are built-in microwaves which you can opt for. You can use these for reheating, grilling and baking food.
  • Toaster: This is really helpful for toasting bread slices for breakfast or snacks. You can get crunchy and tasty toasts. These do not occupy too much space. Moreover, preparing tasty sandwiches is easy with these toasters.
  • Juicer: This is a kitchen appliance which is important for every home I feel. You can make your favorite juices, be it fruit or vegetable juices, the way you want. Moreover, my friend, Nancy, had children at her home. So, a juicer was a really nice addition in her kitchen.


She told me that at Houston, appliances of different categories will be available for you.

So, all in all, her kitchen was totally spic and spac, and very well-organized. And I was inspired with her kitchen décor instantly. Soon, I visited Houston and remodeled my kitchen using Wood-Mode cabinets. Houston is a place I would recommend to all, when it comes to kitchen or home remodeling.

If you want to go ahead with such a project for your own home, do keep in mind that tailor-made Wood-Mode cabinets are the best from the rest.