3 Must-Buy Wolf Appliances to Enhance your Kitchen’s Functionality

Most of us living in metropolitan cities, lead an extremely fast paced lifestyle. We have immense work pressure and a busy, hectic everyday schedule. In order to maintain a good health, doctors prescribe to opt for healthy and home cooked food. It is not at all advisable to depend on eateries for your breakfast, lunch or supper. But considering our busy time schedule, we cannot afford  to spend hours at the kitchen to prepare our meals. Thus, arises the need for a highly functional cookhouse.





I am a working woman with a family of two kids and my husband. My professional career is extremely time consuming and hectic. Yet, to maintain a good health of my family, I always prefer to serve them home cooked meals. Thus, it is essential for me to have a highly functional kitchen. When work pressure started increasing, around two years ago, I had to remodel my cookshack décor to enhance its efficiency. I consulted an interior designer friend who asked me to opt for custom cabinetry to enhance my kitchen’s storage capacity and recommended 5 utilitarian appliances from Wolf. Appliances from the brand has been redefining cookhouse functionality since a long time. The renowned appliance brand Wolf offers a wide range of products to let you cook faster and more efficiently. You can explore the products from the brand at appliance stores near your place.  Check out the top 3 must-buy kitchen gadgets to maximize your cookhouse utility:




  1. Range Oven: Cooking is not just about lighting a gas oven and heating up the ingredients. It involves a lot of techniques and elongated process. A range oven is devised to perform multiple cooking techniques at the same time without wasting your valuable time to perform each task separately. You can bake, cook, steam, fry, grill and more all at the same time within a single machine. Thus, simplifying all the complicated cooking processes for you and allowing you to accomplish your cookhouse drudgery in very less time duration.



  1. Built-in Refrigerator: Sub-Zero, a part of products from Wolf, is noted for its impeccable refrigeration capacity. Customize built-in refrigerator to maximize cold storage capacity of your kitchen. Whether you are planning a house party or family get-together, you can store meat, sausages, salamis, fruits, vegetables in bulk quantity.



  1. Ventilation Hood: In order to maintain your expensive customized cabinets and the overall décor of your cookshack and to remove odor, grease released from cooking, you must opt for a ventilation hood with excellent capabilities. Hoods from Wolf are extraordinary in their services.



Thus, these are the top 3 kitchen appliances from Wolf you must-Buy. Wolf appliances are noted for its excellence and superior quality.


Check Out 3 Interesting Ways to Glam up your kitchen with Wood-Mode Cabinets, Houston-ites

The kitchen is the most special corner of the house for me. I am a gourmet cuisine aficionado and own two restaurants in Houston. I am very passionate about cooking. Thus, the kitchen and its décor are of immense importance to me. Wherever I travel, I try to collect decorative ideas to ornate my cookhouse. We start our day with the family at the breakfast table, so the décor of the place should be very refreshing. Also, the décor of the place should uplift your dull mood after a hectic day. Hence, your cookshack designing needs your dedicated time and proper planning. Here are 3 interesting ways to stylize your cookshack:


  1. Explore Unconventional Cabinet Designs: To pep up your kitchen décor opt for custom cabinets. Houston is a popular city where you can check out retail outlets to get your cookhouse cupboards completely personalized. There are 3 types of cabinets available in the market. These are namely stock chests, semi-custom cabinets and customized cabinetry. Now, interior designers always suggest to choose customized one considering its multiple benefits. If the best woodworking brand is to be named, then it is always Wood-Mode Cabinets. Houston has ample of Wood-mode dealers. So getting your cookshack cupboards personalized from the brand is absolutely hassle-free. Wood-Mode offers various unconventional designs to configure your cabinets boxes, drawers, pantries and specialties. Explore those to select the ones which attract your attention. Check out roll-out closets, pull-out styles, turn-out cabinets, undercounter construction and more.
  2. Opt for Themed Décor: Wood-mode is reputed for its specialized themed kitchen décor ideas. Give your kitchen a distinctive look with themed designs. Themes are perfect to uplift the cookhouse styling. Explore an array of design themes at a Wood-mode store near you. Choose from a wide range of classic American themes, European designs and contemporary expressions.
  1. Embellish the Cupboards: Once your cupboards are installed opt for more detailing with conventional embellishments. You can go for corbels, crown moldings, valances, end panels, decorative legs, toe kicks and more. These are intricate works of art made of wooden chunks by skilled craftsmen to provide a distinctive décor. These feature exquisite designs and finesse. Thus, embellish the kitchen to make it look more glamorous.


Thus, these are the 3 most interesting ways to dress up your kitchen with Wood-Mode cabinets. Houston is indeed a vivacious city where there are several retail outlets of the reputed woodworking brand. Check out the ones near you to order customized designs for your kitchen.

Here Are 3 Embellishments For Your Custom Cabinets, Houston-ites!

I am a passionate interior designer by profession. Hence, people look up to my home décor for inspiration. I cannot compromise with it. Thus, I get the best things to dress up my home, especially the kitchen. My guests have always admired my cook-house. It has inspired many to design their cookshack. In all these years of my career, I have noticed, most clients, when they contact me, are confused about designing the kitchen. I believe it to be the heart of the home and people pay special attention to its functionality.  How you design your kitchen determines its functionality! Thus, the décor is definitely the most important part. Your cook-house should be decked in such a way that it has enough storage capacity to let you organise all your kitchen appliances, tools and equipment. And, the best possible solution for this, is to install custom cabinets. Houston is a bustling city with plenty of stores showcasing personalised cabinetry. You can drop in to these brick-and-mortar retail outlets to gather an idea on how can you pep up your kitchen décor. There are various ways to embellish it. Here are a few suggestions by me to help you dress up your kitchen cupboards:


  1. Add corbels: Corbels are medium sized wooden chunks carved with intricate designs. These are highly attractive and provide an old-world charm to the décor. These are usually placed to support overhanging ledges. Often these are used as shelf brackets. Thus, corbels are fine pieces of art with a traditional appeal, designed to jazz up your cook-house.
  1. Add Backsplashes: Backsplashes are placed behind the cooktop to easily wipe off the grease spilled while cooking. At times, these are also placed behind the sink to clean up dirt spilled while cleaning. Now, there is a myriad of designs offered in backsplashes. You can choose the ones that perfectly suit your cookshack ornamentation. Tiles and mosaic are popular choices. These provide a glossy appeal to the area and are great decorative pieces to pep up the interiors.
  1. Opt for textured glass-door cabinets: It is always advised to opt for more than one material to construct your cabinets. Do not stick to wooden cabinets only since these may make your cookshack appear dull and gloomy. Instead, opt for glass doors for a particular line of cabinets. This helps to break the monotony of the décor and makes the place look bright and beautiful. Use textured glass for construction to provide your kitchen cabinets a distinctive embellishment.


Thus, these are the 3 most effective ways to embellish your kitchen’s custom cabinets. Houston is definitely the place to check out some the most attractive kitchen designs and accessories.

Add Sheer Brilliance To Your Kitchen Décor With Amazing Custom Cabinetry

Wonderfully crafted custom cabinetry can totally change a kitchen interior. Whether you are starting your kitchen design from scratch or revamping an existing kitchen to improve its décor, custom cabinetmakers can work with you and help you design the décor, keeping note of your needs and budget.


Custom-built storage boxes come in a vast range of awesome shapes and breathtaking designs. As against stock cabinets or ready-made cabinetry, personalized cabinetry can be built to suit your specific needs and lifestyle. You can add your own personal touch to make these boxes very appealing and attractive. You can have umpteen options on finish, style, wood type and hardware, to ideally suit your overall home interiors. Mentioned below are some of the advantages which you can enjoy if you choose tailor-built cabinetry:

  • Does Not Waste Space: You can capitalize on every inch of your kitchen area. Whenever you feel the need to use a specific kitchen space, you can ask your cabinetmaker to design a cabinetry for that specific area. This way, neither will you find the storage boxes becoming a misfit nor will you find them creating a space crunch.
  • Ensures Brilliant Craftsmanship: Tailor-built or made-to-order storage units are solid and sturdy. They are designed by skilled craftsmen who use dovetail joints, mortise-and-tenons as well as dowels. As against storage units which are made with short-lived glues and nails, personalized boxes are built with top-notch materials that are meant to last really long.
  • Allows Unlimited Alterations and Modifications: The best part about going for customized storage units is that you need not be restricted to just a few specific cabinet shapes or sizes. You can go for limitless modifications and changes, as per your needs. If you specifically want furniture feet, chamfering, corbels or turnings, consult with any cabinetmaker and go for fully customized cabinetry.
  • Offers Environment-friendliness: Cabinets which are produced in mass are usually made with poor quality woods. Nevertheless, when you opt for a personalized cabinetry, you can be assured of the type of wood used. In fact, you can also choose the wood type yourself from varieties such as maple, oak, pine and alder. These woods are renewable, biodegradable, non-toxic and recyclable.

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So, keeping a tab of the above-mentioned pointers, you can easily opt for an exclusively designed kitchen layout. At Houston, you will come across a large array of cabinet and appliance stores, which offer classic as well as modernistic cabinet designs and shapes, that too, at reasonable prices.

Check Out 3 Essential Buying Tips To Dress Up Your Kitchen With Wolf Appliances

At times, I am in complete dismay while purchasing kitchen appliances. These are of course extravagant investments and I obviously don’t want to incur huge costs for non-utility kitchen tools. There are so many products in the market. Each product in turn has many models. This leads to confusion in a buyer’s mind. And, often, we are bewildered about what to buy. Though apparently there are no exact solutions to our dilemma, however, there are quite a few tried-and-tested methods which can help you overcome your doubts. As suggested by an interior designer friend of mine, check out the following 3 tips to help you buy the right kitchen gadgets:


  1. Research: This is the most effective way to guide you before purchasing kitchen equipment. Through research, you can critically analyze the products you want to buy rather than getting deceived by attractive television commercials. Research does not merely include surfing the Internet. Along with reading reviews on social media pages of popular brands, you can even consult your friends about the gadgets they use in their kitchen. It is always feasible to opt for renowned brands since they ensure excellent quality and impeccable services. People across the globe prefer Wolf Appliances since the brand features cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art utilities.



  1. Understand Your Requirement: Some of us are impulsive buyers. We get attracted to products and make huge investments on these without realizing our requirement. Sometimes, we buy things that have no use in our kitchen. These are just kept stacked in the cabinets for years without any use. Thus, it is important to understand what exactly you require. Maybe instead of a range oven you just need a microwave oven. Or, maybe you just need a built-in refrigeration instead of a dual refrigerator. Once you are aware of your requirement, jot it down. Carry the list along with you to the brick-and-mortar stores to keep a check on whatever you are going to purchase.
  1. Knowledge is Crucial: You may be still unaware about the mechanisms of some appliances you bought in the past. Often, we don’t know how to use certain products. Once you choose the models of the respective appliances you are going to buy, read the manuals carefully before purchasing or ask the sales person to guide you with it. Gather all necessary information about the chosen gadgets before you make the purchases.

Thus, these are the 3 most important guidelines you should remember before buying kitchen gadgets. The one brand you can absolutely trust is Wolf. Appliances from this brand have truly redefined kitchen functionality.

Beef Up Your Kitchen With Products From Sub Zero, Houston ites!

Interested in a stylish freezer, refrigerator or a wine storage unit? Sub-Zero is a brand which is popular for taking refrigeration to another level completely. This brand is preferred by discerning home cooks across the world because of its durable and highly powerful products. What makes this brand different from the rest is its power-packed capacity to preserve food products at sub-zero temperatures without spoiling its quality. To search for products from Sub Zero, Houston is a place you should check out for options galore.


Sub-Zero refrigerators are well-known for their superb technologies and state-of-the-art features. Right from energy-saving compressor systems, refrigeration cases, shelving systems to stylish push handles, well-designed exteriors and superb finish, Sub-Zero products a cut above the others. Its improved cooling system prevents food from rotting, stinking, souring or smelling bad. The technology used to make these appliances are top-notch. Therefore, chances of these appliances getting damaged is rare.


Each of the Sub-Zero products is built with awesome designs and shapes. Be it an ice-maker, wine fridge, undercounter refrigerator, beverage center or freezer, each Sub-Zero appliance is extremely well-built and long-lasting.

With each of these Sub-Zero tools, food preservation will stand the test of time. Built and tested to the highest industry standards, these appliances from Sub-Zero are much more than refrigeration units. They improve your lifestyle. In fact, they are a way of life. They are known for food preservation with a difference. Be it fruits, drinks, meats, vegetables or dairy products, everything will be preserved well.


To add to that, built-in fridges from Sub-Zero flaunt superb finishes. You can even design it with customized panels to integrate it well with the rest of the furnishing. These panels improve the overall visual attraction of the décor. Compact designs of the Sub-Zero units fit really well with the overall flow of your home interior. This further adds a hint of plushness and sophistication.

Apart from Sub-Zero appliances, you can also select Thermador appliances for adding convenience to your cooking processes. The tools from Thermador are advanced and powerful. You can get products such as cooktops, ranges, microwaves, ovens, warming drawers, built-in coffee machines, and more, from Thermador.


Each of these is synonymous with innovation and revolutionary breakthroughs. Renowned for outstanding performance and top-of-the-line designs, the products from Thermador are extensively preferred by most discerning home cooks.

So, go ahead, redesign your kitchen with some of the best cabinets and cooking equipment, and transform your kitchen interiors in no time.

Check Out The Top 3 Exclusive Wolf Appliances Which Redefine Interior Decor

Kitchen is the most beloved corner of the house. I remember, my summer vacations spent in the kitchen trying to learn new recipes every evening. That was the time I realised my passion for cooking. And, today, I own two restaurant chains and published 3 recipe books featuring gourmet delicacies. Both at my restaurants and at home, the kitchens are decked with appliances from Wolf. Appliances of this brand offers immense functionality. It provides impeccable utility. The gadgets have added convenience to our cooking process. Thus, deck up your space with Wolf products. Here are the 3 exclusive gadgets from the brand that you must incorporate in your kitchen for an improved lifestyle:



  • Ranges: For the restaurants, I chose both dual fuel gas ovens and inductions. These work extremely well when you have to cater to a large number of customers or guests. At home, I opted for a basic gas oven with three burners and kept an induction as well. Both these have efficient power control technologies that help me regulate cooking temperatures. Thus, I suggest both of these for your home because in case of power failure, gas ovens are of immense help. Thus, opt for the designs and features which suit your budget and purpose.


  • Built-in Ovens: Configured with cutting-edge technology, built-in ovens from Wolf are simply spendid. With time, the brand has been introducing latest features for ease of use. Prepare goumet cuisines, bake palatable cakes and cookies and relish different kinds of delicacies at home. For all these, you need to install a built-in oven.


  • Specialties: Cooking sumptuous meals involve various techniques. You may need to use a fryer, grill oven, convection oven and a steamer, all at once. This is possible with specialty modules from Wolf. You have the opportunity to integrate all these within a single countertop. This would create a more customized look for the kitchen. So, enhance your kitchen’s functionality with state-of-the-art technologies.

WOLF Hence, these were the top 3 must-have kitchen gadgets from Wolf. Appliances with innovative technologies are essential for a high-end kitchen. There are many more that you can order for your home. Energize your body early morning with a freshly brewed cup of cappuccino. For this, get a coffee machine from Wolf. Coffee makers come with various features, so you can purchase according to your requirement.

So, go ahead and add glamour to your kitchen interiors like never before.