Add Sheer Brilliance To Your Kitchen Décor With Amazing Custom Cabinetry

Wonderfully crafted custom cabinetry can totally change a kitchen interior. Whether you are starting your kitchen design from scratch or revamping an existing kitchen to improve its décor, custom cabinetmakers can work with you and help you design the décor, keeping note of your needs and budget.


Custom-built storage boxes come in a vast range of awesome shapes and breathtaking designs. As against stock cabinets or ready-made cabinetry, personalized cabinetry can be built to suit your specific needs and lifestyle. You can add your own personal touch to make these boxes very appealing and attractive. You can have umpteen options on finish, style, wood type and hardware, to ideally suit your overall home interiors. Mentioned below are some of the advantages which you can enjoy if you choose tailor-built cabinetry:

  • Does Not Waste Space: You can capitalize on every inch of your kitchen area. Whenever you feel the need to use a specific kitchen space, you can ask your cabinetmaker to design a cabinetry for that specific area. This way, neither will you find the storage boxes becoming a misfit nor will you find them creating a space crunch.
  • Ensures Brilliant Craftsmanship: Tailor-built or made-to-order storage units are solid and sturdy. They are designed by skilled craftsmen who use dovetail joints, mortise-and-tenons as well as dowels. As against storage units which are made with short-lived glues and nails, personalized boxes are built with top-notch materials that are meant to last really long.
  • Allows Unlimited Alterations and Modifications: The best part about going for customized storage units is that you need not be restricted to just a few specific cabinet shapes or sizes. You can go for limitless modifications and changes, as per your needs. If you specifically want furniture feet, chamfering, corbels or turnings, consult with any cabinetmaker and go for fully customized cabinetry.
  • Offers Environment-friendliness: Cabinets which are produced in mass are usually made with poor quality woods. Nevertheless, when you opt for a personalized cabinetry, you can be assured of the type of wood used. In fact, you can also choose the wood type yourself from varieties such as maple, oak, pine and alder. These woods are renewable, biodegradable, non-toxic and recyclable.

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So, keeping a tab of the above-mentioned pointers, you can easily opt for an exclusively designed kitchen layout. At Houston, you will come across a large array of cabinet and appliance stores, which offer classic as well as modernistic cabinet designs and shapes, that too, at reasonable prices.


Give Your Kitchen Space a New Dimension with Brookhaven Cabinets

Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen but confused from where to begin? For kitchen remodelling, you need to first address your kitchen cabinets. You need to check whether your cabinet hinges have started to rust or not. Are the drawer slides becoming increasingly difficult to maneuver? If yes, then these are definite signs that you should think about replacing them.

Brookhaven cabinets are a good option if you are thinking about overhauling your kitchen décor. Houston residents have the luxury of picking and choosing custom cabinets from numerous kitchen décor and lifestyle stores located in and around the area. Custom cabinets are varied in terms of design and looks, and have the impeccable ability to spice up the décor and add significant value to your kitchen.


Brookhaven cabinets combine skilled craftsmanship with the latest technology to provide you a stylish range of kitchen décor products without compromising on quality. They also ensure durability as it is made of the best quality wood along with adding to the aesthetics of your kitchen.


Some of the benefits of custom kitchen cabinets for both big and small-sized kitchens are:

  • High quality construction: Given the skilled craftsmanship and innovative technology involved in manufacturing these cabinets, they extremely durable. Added to this, these cabinets are made of superior quality maple wood so that you get stylish and sturdy kitchen cabinets that will last for a long time.
  • Accessible drawers: Accessibility is one of the main essence of a good kitchen. When your kitchen boasts of cabinet drawers that can be manoeuvred easily, it makes your kitchen tasks relatively easier. Custom cabinets feature drawers made of high quality wood and dovetail joints that provide long-lasting service.
  • Exquisite design: Custom cabinetry comes with an array of design that further beautify your kitchen. These cabinets come in attractive color combinations and feature a smooth finish. Whether you want to add a chic look to your kitchen or keep it traditional, custom cabinets are perfect for you.


logoCustom cabinets are meticulously designed in order to add zing to the kitchen décor.. These cabinets breath life to your kitchen space and also add versatility to your home interior. So when you plan to remodel your kitchen, you don’t have to look any further than the lifestyle and home décor stores in Houston. Appliances like sonic ice maker that are must for your kitchen are also available in these stores.

Two major myths about overstock appliances

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malibu-2So, your dishwasher is not working any more, and you have a pile of dirty dishes to clean up. Yes, it’s time to buy a new one. Well, fate hasn’t singled you out, and chosen to be extra hard on you. This is the usual story for many people. On a daily basis, kitchen appliances have to withstand fumes and humidity, and so it is not much of a surprise, when they wear out after a while. But then, it is also true that shelling a big amount every few years can be a bit hard on your pocket. 

european-country-oo-5Myth: This is old stuff used by people before!

Reality: No. These are new appliances that have not been used before. They are as new as the pricey stuff that you were planning to buy before your budget constraints made you rethink! They are actually goods that your retailer bought from the wholesaler but due to drop in demand, could not manage to sell off. This a clearance sale, where the retailer offers hefty discounts on the products, and thus clears out the old stock. This can actually help you get brand new products without overstepping your budget. So, how do you know which retailer is selling overstock products and appliances at the moment? You can check with the stores in your area that deal in home remodeling. Houston has many stores that offer this type of products at some time of the year or the other. You might be able to explore a wide variety of overstock products at these stores.

classic-simplicity-jj-4Myth: No warranty!

Reality: Who says so? It’s just that – a myth! These products come with warranties. So any defect, or malfunctioning, and you don’t have to accept it lying down. You can actually get it exchanged or avail of the repair service that you usually get free in the warranty period. So, you can enjoy the benefits of purchasing a new product, without shelling out that much of money.


Bonus: You might be in for some luck!

You might actually come across some really good model, while browsing through the collection, and that too at half the price. So, if that isn’t good luck, what is?

And while you are it, you can also buy other stuff that can help you revamp the look of your kitchen. You can look for such products in stores that deal in kitchen remodeling. Houston has many stores that sell the latest models in kitchen fittings and appliances. So explore, and get started. Very soon you will have a kitchen with a stunning décor and gleaming new appliances.

There are times when you might be having a cash crunch. In such a situation, you can browse through the collection of overstock appliances and choose a model that you think meets your needs. Yes, there is always the alternative to go for cheaper models but then that would not be a very prudent choice, since these will wear out even faster than the usual variety. And I know the reasons why some of you might hesitate buying overstock stuff. Are these the myths that you have believed in all this while?

Consider overstock appliances for a kitchen overhaul, this festive season!

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european-country-oo-5Interested in a nice kitchen makeover? Well, what are you waiting for? Simply go ahead and revamp your kitchen interiors. Remember, this is the festive season and there will be guests coming over to your place. So why not plan for a nice kitchen remodeling and add a zing to your entire kitchen décor? You might be a little confused about the type of kitchen appliances and cabinets to choose from. Well, let me admit that Houston is a place which offers huge varieties of such appliances and cabinets at affordable rates. For endless varieties of overstock appliances, Houston is a place you must check out.

malibu-2You can also go for custom-built cabinets, which can make your kitchen stand apart from the rest. Custom-designed cabinets can be strong, sturdy and durable. So when you install these cabinets in your kitchen, you do not have to think of replacing them, anytime soon. whenever you install these cabinets in your kitchen, you will not have to worry about replacing or changing them anytime soon. To add more, you will be highly impressed with both texture, quality and finish of these kitchen cabinets. To add to that, if these cabinets are nicely maintained with regular leaning and dusting, they are bound to appear even more eye-catching.

banner2If you want to go for custom-built cabinets, given below are some of the pointers you can consider:

  1. Cleaning custom cabinets with a soft and clean cloth: If you find that there is a blotch, a mark or a spot on these cabinets, it is better to use a clean and soft cloth to wipe off the marks completely. You can slightly dampen the cloth and then clean the cabinets. Remember that you must wipe off the moisture immediately with a dry cloth, to ensure the longevity of the cabinets. However, if you rub off the spots in a harsh way, chances are that the cabinets will lose their sheen and polish.

  1. Using superior quality wood-care products: If you think that your custom cabinets require regular polishing, you should pick up good quality wood care products and then clean these cabinets. If you do not clean these cabinets with suitable wood care products, chances are that your cabinets will be completely ruined and damaged. For added options on wood-care products, overstock appliances and also home remodeling, Houston is a place you cannot miss.

  2. Avoid using products such as steel wools and powders: It is always better to avoid abrasive cleaners, powders, steel wools or scouring pads on your kitchen cabinets or appliances. They might completely damage and spoil the appearance of your cabinets and appliances.

classic-simplicity-jj-4The aforementioned pointers will help you keep your appliances and cabinets clean, dust-free and in good condition. Therefore, you can go ahead and decorate your kitchen this festive season. To look for fantastic kitchen appliances, Houston is a place you have to visit for wide varieties.


Remember, the kitchen is the heart of your entire home. Revamping it with good quality cabinets and well-designed appliances can help you turn your dream kitchen into a reality.

Set up a unique kitchen with custom cabinetry, Houston-ites!

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amanakitchenPlanning the set up of your kitchen all by yourself can be a very daunting thought. There are endless decisions to be taken and you also need to be very patient. A complete kitchen makeover can take quite a bit of time. You can expect to have very busy days ahead if you are planning to set up a whole new kitchen. It is of utmost importance to plan the budget in advance along with the other things. Remember to keep your budget a little flexible. Be prepared for contingencies which may occur.

classic-simplicity-jj-4Strategic planning always helps and makes tasks much more easier. You will need to take decisions regarding the style of cabinets, different types of appliances, choice of countertops, colors of the wall and the various accessories. These are some aspects which you will have to take decisions about. Will wallpapers look good or should I go for textured walls? Should I go for ready made cabinets or custom cabinetry? Houston-ites, you will face many such questions. A proper order of all the different tasks can ensure that there is lesser confusion and better results. How to go about designing a kitchen which is both beautiful and affordable?

malibu-2Here is a rough plan to simplify your task –

  1. Spend enough time to think about what you need – It is very important to know about what you want from the beginning. From the theme to the look of the ceiling, every detail needs attention and proper selection. Look for ideas and maintain a list. Remember to always focus on your priorities and budget.

  2. Plan and research – Next step would be to chalk out the budget and the scope of work. Remember, that this might keep changing as the work progresses. Don’t make a very rigid plan.

  3. Find out more about the professionals – You might need architects and designers. You will need to hire a professional remodeler as well. Make sure that you research well.

  4. Schematic designing and sketches – After you have decided what you want and approximately how much you wish to spend, you can get on with the task of designing the rough outlines and sketches. It is very tempting to spend more time in deciding the look of the kitchen, however, it is important to pay equal attention to the layout and the space planning.

  5. Finish specification and fixtures – This might be your favorite part. Its time to decide the look of your kitchen. Convey the concepts for the backsplash, cabinets, countertops and walls to the remodeler. For better understanding, you can also provide them with reference images.


Many home remodelers often suggest their clients to go for custom cabinets. Houston based agencies can provide you with really nice options to choose from. You can find solutions for all your kitchen related needs under one roof. Head to stores in Houston. Appliances of different brands are also available here. The varieties of options might perplex you and the never ending tasks may tire you, but at the end it will be all worth it!

Need a super useful coffee maker? Check out overstock appliances!

A day cannot simply begin without a cup of coffee! It is the tonic we need to kickstart the day and to kick away the Monday morning blues! Caffeine runs in the blood of many of us. If you can relate with the above instances and if you believe that there is no other drink which can do justice to your cravings, then you are a true coffee lover at heart! Wishing that you could have restaurant style coffee every time you crave for a cuppa at your home? Coffee is one of the best discovery ever. God bless the Arabs, who are believed to be the first ones to discover coffee! Do you know who discovered the brilliant coffee makers? You can thank the Frenchmen to provide with the first modern day coffee maker. They discovered a nice way to brew a creamy concoction. For every coffee lover, having a coffee maker in their kitchens can mean a lot. You can be sure of making your friends or relatives very happy if you gift them a nice coffee maker.
You can buy one at a very affordable price from the
overstock appliances. Choosing a nice coffee maker requires you to pay attention to a lot of details.

malibu-2Which are the different types of coffee machines? –

  1. Single serve coffee makers – If you want instant coffee and can’t wait for the machine to brew, you must bring home a single serve coffee maker. It is ideal for all those who can’t wait for nicely made coffee!

  2. Drip coffee makers – They are easy to use and are very popular amongst homemakers. A drip coffee maker can serve upto 10-12 cups of coffee at once. Go for a machine which provides programmable brewing and automatic shutoff.

  3. Cappuccino and espresso machines – Want to have different varieties of coffees but you lack the skills of a barista? Don’t worry, bring home an espresso machine. It will serve you your favorite cappuccinos, espressos and lattes! Choose a machine which is not very complex to use.

  4. Percolators – A percolator is a simple to use coffee maker. Boiling water is pushed through coffee grounds with high temperatures. Some percolators can also be carried around easily.

  5. French press coffee makers – It is a brewing device which was invented by Italian designer, Attilio Calimani. Coarsely ground coffee beans are required to prepare coffee using the French press coffee maker. It provides a very rich flavor.

banner2By investing in a nice coffee maker, you gift yourself the facility to enjoy a cup of coffee whenever you please. Make sure you check all the specifications carefully before making the purchase. You can find different kinds of appliances at the leading kitchenware stores based in Houston. You can also contact them for the purpose of kitchen remodeling. Houston is a nice place to get in touch with professional home remodelers. For home remodeling, Houston is a nice place. You can expect to get many creative ideas from the professional home remodelers.

Crazily smart ideas on home remodeling – Houston can help you in this

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Remodeling your house need not be boring and costly as always. Planning the remodeling project ahead of time and following some smart tips is the trick. There are various companies, which offer remodeling projects at budget prices. In order to improve the look of your home and change certain things about the same, you can get help of an interior decorator. If you are looking for budget home remodeling, Houston is an option for you. They can not only help you in repairing or remodeling your home, but also help you in creating a uniquely designed home.


malibu-25 Fun remodeling ideas

Remodeling your home may not have been this fun before, but for the below discussed crazy ideas! Changing the look of your home does not simply mean kitchen remodeling. Houston is one such company, which can help you think otherwise. They can also provide you with all kinds of home improvement requirements. Other than planning things ahead of time and remodeling your home part by part and buying overstock appliances at a discounted price, you can try the following ideas to change the look of your home within your budget:

  1. Area dedicated to chit chat – What if you can have a separate place simply for chit chat? Even if you cannot have a separate room for enjoying pure conversation time with your family or friends, creating a bi-level living room is the solution. Lower a part of the room and install an all round sofa and throw in some colourful cushions to enjoy chit chatting with your friends, next time they visit you.

  1. Add a bookcase to a door – If you have no extra space to create a library, add a bookcase to a door. This will not only solve the issue of not having a separate library in your house, but will also change the overall look of the room. It will also help in de-cluttering your rooms and your friends are going to envy you as the owner of such a unique library!

  1. Install baseboard drawers – You can install baseboard drawers especially in the bathroom and the kitchen to make use of unused space. Furthermore, with these drawers, you no longer need to worry about the ugly gaps and bug infested spaces below your existing cabinets.

  1. Use the space underneath the staircase – The space underneath the staircase can be put to use. This space remains completely unused in most of the houses. You can use this underneath space for storage, for creating a reading nook, for creating a separate place dedicated to exclusive collections, for your beloved pet and more.

  1. Add a platform to your rooms – A smart trick to remodel your home the right way is to add platforms to your existing rooms. This is a great way to create extra storage space and de-clutter your rooms, yet keeping the same usable. You can also add drawers beneath the platform for storing stuff in an organized way.


Other than the above, you can also use the dead space above the staircase. Just as you can use the space underneath the staircase, you can also make smart use of the dead space above the staircase. You can either use it as a storage space or a little playroom.